IT Documentation: How to Do More With Less

BY IT GLUE | May 02, 2022

The life of an IT manager is tough. Besides the daily tasks of IT tickets and asset tracking, you also have to deal with the constant threat of cybersecurity issues, training new technicians, managing data operations and more. If you are dealing with multiple locations or integrating an acquired company, your everyday life could be even more hectic.

Add to that the challenges with budget and talent retention, and you probably feel that you’re constantly being asked to do more with less.

You need to be creative when it comes to finding solutions. Here are some options:

  1. Cut corners (usually comes back to bite you)
  2. Put in long hours (the usual answer, but this starts to become unsustainable after a while)
  3. Successfully petition senior leadership for a big bump in resources (best of luck)
  4. Cut out the busy work (a great idea if you can figure out how)

None of this sounds feasible, right? Well, here’s how you can actually do more with less.

IT documentation and network documentation

Poor documentation is affecting the productivity and efficiency of your organization, and you may not even be aware of it. A McKinsey report estimated that an average knowledge worker could be spending as much as 9.3 hours a week just searching for information. In other words, your technicians could be spending way more time than required looking for relevant information when working on a task.

When you incorporate IT documentation and network documentation in your IT environment, you can cut down time waste by half. Let’s find out how.

Smart documentation

Documentation can be quite overwhelming and tedious if done manually. This is where smart documentation comes into play. Smart documentation can help you do more with less by providing the following benefits:

  • Automation: With a robust documentation tool like IT Glue, you can automate your documentation process and manage service requests with fewer technicians. The time you save here can be utilized on other core tasks that matter.
  • Standardization: You probably support many departments in your organization right now. Without a standard process, your technicians may follow random solutions when working on a task. IT Glue helps you create SOPs and share them with your team members. This will ensure a standard procedure for all your critical tasks.
  • Prioritization: Prioritization helps you focus on important tasks first. When you create checklists and document your upcoming tasks, you can plan your workload effectively and create contingency plans for unexpected scenarios.
  • Consistency: Lack of consistency can introduce an array of new problems in your IT environment. When you have smart documentation incorporated, you are most likely to use standardized processes and documentation templates. This will help ensure consistency in the process.

Network documentation

Network documentation helps you strategically plan your network and leverage automation to free up your resources. With a powerful network documentation solution, you can do a lot more than just document your network. For instance, Network Glue helps you gain comprehensive visibility into your network with features like automatic discovery, documentation, diagramming and more.

By having your network data automated into IT Glue, you can centralize your network information and manage your tasks more efficiently. Here, you can get information about your network devices and configuration details visually represented in the form of a network diagram. When you have a visual summary of your entire network, you can identify issues more effectively and troubleshoot them instantly.

With proper network documentation, you can significantly reduce issue identification and issue resolution time. As a result, your organization can operate at maximum productivity and do more with less.

IT Glue – More than just IT documentation

IT Glue is a powerful documentation solution that comes packed with innovative features. IT Glue’s smart documentation capabilities can help promote efficient work by cutting down the time spent searching for information. By combining this with our network documentation platform, Network Glue, you can save time, boost productivity, increase profitability and contribute to the growth of your organization.

IT Glue’s SOC 2-compliant documentation platform features an immutable audit trail, network discovery, diagramming and more. All these features are fully integrated and linked with all your documentation. All these features can help you do more with less.

Check out this case study of Bell’s Brewery to understand how IT Glue can use a similar approach to consolidate, automate and streamline the workflows of your IT department.

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