Bell’s Brewery is a craft brewery that originated in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With five sites and 600 employees, documenting their IT environment became burdensome with their legacy tools. Read on to learn how IT Glue helped Bell’s solve key challenges with onboarding, password management and tracking which users have access to which assets.

Company: Bell’s Brewery
Location:  Kalamazoo, MI
Founded: 1985
Employees: 600
IT Glue Partner since: 2021

“The password at-risk feature is really helpful to let us know if there are any potential threats, without any extra work on our end.”

The Challenge

With 10 technicians handling all nationwide sites of Bell’s Brewery, their documentation needs to be in tiptop shape to ensure efficient time management. However, this was not the case for a long time.

“We stored all assets on sporadic spreadsheets, with different files located in different places, which resulted in data being spread out and difficult to access,” shared William Richardson, Systems Administrator. Additionally, their documentation was incomplete and outdated, which can make it difficult to find reliable information in a timely manner without needing to double-check for accuracy.

Relying on non-structured documentation tools, such as OneNote and Wiki, led the team to waste lots of precious time looking for the data they needed. This is why they set out to consolidate their documentation to ensure everything would be easily accessible.


Designed for IT Professionals

IT Glue, a documentation solution designed for IT professionals, enables Bell’s Brewery to tackle their specific concerns with asset documentation and management. Being able to link assets with their SOPs and passwords altogether was game changing for Bell’s Brewery because IT Glue allowed them to find any relevant information quickly and easily in one pane.

However, IT Glue provided more than that. “The password management aspect was a great bonus for us. The password at-risk feature is really helpful to let us know if there are any potential threats, without any extra work on our end,” said William.

Also, a pleasant surprise for Bell’s Brewery was the process of onboarding IT Glue. “With previous tools, we had huge headaches getting data onboarded because we had to upload a file, and then it would fail without letting us know what went wrong in the first place. This left us having to just figure out on our own why it was not uploading,” noted William.

He also added that IT Glue’s CSV Upload method of onboarding data was quick and seamless. This allowed Bell’s Brewery to upload, review the information and match accordingly.

More Than Just IT Documentation

Bell’s Brewery has also made great use of IT Glue’s vast array of integrations available to automate their documentation. They keep their users and device information up to date with the Microsoft 365 and Meraki integrations.

In addition, with IT Glue’s open API, William leverages PowerShell scripts to further automate and streamline their processes. William said, “New employees are automatically added for onboarding, and we can easily run a report for offboarding to see which assets belong to the user. In addition, we are also made aware of any new VMware virtual machines as a ticket is automatically opened. This helps automate processes that are often manual and might get missed or take too long to complete.”

The Results

From an open API and comprehensive password management, to beyond-industry-standard security measures and the ability to view contextual documentation in any instance, IT Glue was the solution that Bell’s Brewery needed to consolidate, automate and streamline the workflows of their IT department.


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