IT Glue Global MME Benchmark Survey Results

BY IT GLUE | November 21, 2022

From information security to automation, IT organizations across the world face an increasingly complex technological landscape. The way IT leaders respond to this complexity plays a critical role in helping you overcome these challenges and stand out in a competitive environment.

Our analysis compares organizations of different sizes, considering their annual revenue as a proxy for their IT complexity, to give you an idea of the technological transformation required to achieve incremental growth.

SOPs and knowledge management

As IT complexity increases, unstructured tools become cumbersome to use. Our survey results indicate that structured tools for knowledge management add real value for IT teams during this growth phase. Structured knowledge management eliminates information sprawl and reduces the risk that key organizational knowledge leaves when personnel depart. The result for IT is greater consistency in execution and, consequently, higher productivity.

IT assets/configurations tracking and management

Our survey indicates that IT teams aren’t as consistent at keeping track of hardware and software assets as one might think. Despite the availability of automated asset management solutions, our analysis indicates that a vast majority of IT teams still use Google Workspace, SharePoint or nothing at all for asset management. They are still doing it the hard way. On the bright side, the adoption of structured solutions like IT Glue increases as organizations get bigger.

Password management

The lack of structured tools for password management can leave you wide open to attack since modern-day cybercriminals can easily crack passwords with automated tools. Our analysis indicates that a significant number of organizations are still using unstructured solutions or no solutions at all for password management. However, users of robust password managers are on the rise, and we expect the adoption of password managers to continue to increase in the coming years.

Network discovery

How can you secure your IT network if you don’t even know what’s connected to it? Robust tools for network discovery are available; however, a significant number of survey respondents don’t leverage a dedicated tool for network discovery. If you want to scale seamlessly without any issues, you need a dedicated network discovery solution that helps you understand how various devices are connected and how they interact with each other. It’s the difference between automated network topology maps that are updated daily and no real visibility at all.


In this complex environment, instant access to required information can put your organization miles ahead of your competitors. That’s why you must invest in a robust documentation solution that can provide structure to the way you manage information.

When all your information, including SOPs, organizational knowledge, passwords, IT assets and network details, is organized the right way, you can save a significant amount of time and effort that could be spent on other revenue-producing activities.

Our survey results indicate the need for strong documentation in various aspects of IT. By leveraging the right solutions, you can keep up with the technological transformation that is taking the world by storm.

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