IT Operations Q2 2023 Product Update Webinar Summary

BY IT GLUE | May 24, 2023

During the IT Operations Q2 Product Update on May 18, 2023, we shared some of our exciting new features and updates that were released over the past couple of months, as well as a product roadmap and what you can expect from IT Glue, myITprocess and ConnectBooster in the near and far future.

For this past quarter, our product innovation focused on these main themes:

  • Platform and Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Automation
  • Services Delivery
  • Client Collaboration
  • Automated Accounts Receivable

Let’s take a look at what’s new! You can also view the recording of the IT Operations Q2 Product Update HERE.

Platform and Security

Not only is IT Glue SOC-2 Type II compliant, but it also has security features, such as enforced MFA, IP Access Control, SSO, permissions and Password Vault, that once set up will allow you to have confidence in protecting your most important assets.

Coming in June 2023, we are launching a security-focused workflow, Password Threat Notification, that will notify you if a certain amount of passwords were accessed within a specific amount of time. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that if there is any suspicious activity for your passwords, you will automatically be alerted and can take immediate action to ensure maximum protection.

Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity for any IT team, you need the ability to continue running your operations despite potential emergencies by enabling your entire team to have access to your IT documentation at any time.

  • Offline Mode for Passwords — Beta Access NOW LIVE: Access to passwords is mission-critical for IT professionals to do their job. Offline Mode for Passwords gives you the confidence to ensure business continuity — with or without internet access. With the new IT Glue Offline Mode browser extension, information such as user permissions, OTP codes, host-proof hosting and activity logs will be preserved when using passwords during offline access.
  • COMING SOON! Automated Account Backup With OTP Secret Key: IT Glue Account Exports will soon include One-Time Password (OTP) Secret Keys, ensuring business continuity at all times. You can have peace of mind knowing that if you lose access to IT Glue, you will still be able to get the OTP Secret Key, so your team can still obtain crucial information to carry out their tasks.

Bringing backup details next to the rest of your IT Glue documentation makes compliance and keeping your assets secure a breeze.

  • COMING SOON! Spanning Backup for Google Workspace: With Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365, you can view your Microsoft Mail, Calendar, Contacts and OneDrive backup details altogether alongside user information that’s already in IT Glue. You can soon expect Spanning Backup details from your Google Workspace to be readily available in IT Glue as well, all in one pane, further enhancing your backup documentation.
  • COMING SOON! Datto SaaS Protection: Auto-document Datto SaaS Protection details for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services directly in IT Glue for complete visibility and protection of your managed IT environments.

Learn more about the Datto Continuity, Unitrends and Spanning integrations in IT Glue HERE.


Your tools must enable you to work smarter and should do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This is possible through automation — smart, automated documentation can be your anchor during times of uncertainty and help you maximize efficiency daily.

  • One of our most anticipated features — 1-Click AD Password Rotation is now live and available to all IT Glue users with a Network Glue subscription. This feature lets you easily rotate on-premises Active Directory passwords directly in IT Glue with just one click to mitigate credential stealing. The new password you rotate in IT Glue will automatically update in Active Directory, reducing human errors.
    • COMING SOON! Password Rotation Scheduler: For those with the demand for a high level of compliance needs, you will be able to create unique rules defining rotation frequency and password complexity for each organization.
  • With the Datto Networking integration, you get real-time access to contextual hardware information next to the rest of your documentation, so you can quickly identify the status of your hardware and troubleshoot any issues.
  • In IT Glue, you can now manually archive assets like configurations, contacts, flexible assets and passwords. Later this year, with Asset Archive Automation, you will be able to automate this process, making you and your team more efficient. In addition, we plan to remove any workflows that were previously set up for archived assets.

Service Delivery

When it comes to your service desk, you want your team to efficiently manage tickets, decrease SLAs and reduce resolution times. You can achieve this by consolidating your information in your documentation tool and PSA. It will also enable you to reduce the cost of service delivery because you no longer have to waste time looking for data across multiple systems and platforms.

  • With Auto-Suggested IT Glue Documentation in Autotask and BMS, you can view IT Glue Passwords and Documents automatically suggested inside an Autotask or BMS ticket, allowing technicians to resolve issues more efficiently by having the information they need right at their fingertips.
  • With IT Glue Embedded Checklists in Autotask and BMS, your technicians can standardize help desk activities and ensure they are accurately troubleshooting any issues, each time.
  • With the Datto RMM and VSA 10 integrations, your technicians can easily access the IT Glue passwords and documents that are needed to remote control a device, investigate a problem or execute a patch update.

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Client Collaboration

In IT Glue, you can take your customer relationships to the next level by leveraging MyGlue for day-to-day collaboration and myITprocess for assessing clients’ technology risks and conducting QBR meetings for guaranteed project approvals.

  • NOW LIVE: Automated QBR Management in myITprocess: Conduct QBR meetings effortlessly with automated meeting invitations and agenda creation directly from within myITprocess, and post-meeting reports delivered straight to the attendees’ inboxes. Save time by eliminating QBR administrative tasks, easily get client buy-in and hold clients accountable with effortless meeting management from start to finish so you can focus on uncovering missed revenue opportunities and cultivating profitable client relationships.
  • NOW LIVE: Autotask Automated Opportunity Creation in myITprocess: Automatically turn client-accepted myITprocess recommendations into Autotask Opportunities so you can clearly see their progress and ensure the lifecycle of any project is seamlessly handled and timely executed, every single time.
  • Coming Soon! Compliance Manager integration in myITprocess: Automatically turn risks identified in Compliance Manager into a client-facing IT roadmap for fast budget, timeline and project approvals. This integration helps you keep your clients’ IT environments secure by having complete visibility into their compliance risks along with the rest of their technology misalignments in myITprocess.
  • Coming Soon! Network Detective Pro integration in myITprocess: Easily attach Network Detective Pro Executive Summaries to myITprocess QBR invites and present them alongside the rest of your IT roadmap with the client-facing myITprocess presentations. This will make it easier for clients to visualize, track and understand different project proposals and quickly get them on board.

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Automated Accounts Receivable

When it comes to getting paid, Cash is King! With business owners having to wear many hats, it’s important that things are streamlined as much as possible. This is applicable to documentation, automation, security and client collaboration. Once you have completed your service, getting paid is the next crucial step and that is where ConnectBooster comes in. ConnectBooster has been proven to cut time, save money and offer customer transparency all while ensuring predictable cash flow. To make things as seamless as possible, we are excited to be introducing some new features:

  • Coming Soon! Customer Onboarding checklist: The main goal of ConnectBooster is to grow your business, but sometimes onboarding clients can be a lot of manual mundane work, so we created a checklist to help you structure and standardize the way you onboard so you don’t forget the important stuff and make it more systematic.
  • Coming Soon! AutoPay & Customer Notifications: To get even more out of your solution we are excited about the AutoPay & Customer Notifications Scheduler. This will give you the ability to select when to process autopay, and when to send out certain notifications.
  • Coming Soon! Dashboard Customization: With Dashboard Customizations, you will be able to customize your ConnectBooster Partner Portal to prioritize what you want to see. You will have the ability to select what analytics you would like to be displayed first from Aging A/R total to Average Days Past Due.

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