IT Glue Q1 Product Update Webinar Summary

BY IT GLUE | March 27, 2023

Our product update webinar for Q1 2023 highlighted some exciting features and updates we released over the last few months. This webinar also shared some critical updates on what you can expect from IT Glue in the future.

This time, our innovation focused on critical factors, such as security, business continuity, automation, service desk efficiency and client relationships. Here’s a glimpse of our updates in IT Glue.


Not only is IT Glue SOC-2 Type II compliant, but it also has many user-controlled security measures like enforced MFA, IP Access Control, user permissions and Password & Quick Notes Vault, that once set up, allow you to be confident about protecting your most important assets.

During the webinar, we covered the new SSO Access Control feature that lets you choose how individual users log in to IT Glue – either exclusively via your SSO provider or directly with their IT Glue credentials. With the option to toggle off SSO Access Control login for specific users, you can completely control their login experience. All users will still be protected with IT Glue MFA if they can log in with their IT Glue credentials.

We also announced plans to bring Geo-Location Access Control to IT Glue.

Business continuity

When discussing business continuity, we look at the features that allow you to continue with mission-critical business operations in the event of a disruption. ​Your everyday tools should be secure and resilient in the face of the unexpected. Here are the features we recently launched to ensure business continuity for your organization.


Your tools have to enable you to work smarter and should do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This is possible through automation – smart, automated documentation can be your anchor during times of uncertainty and help you maximize efficiency daily. To take automation to the next level, IT Glue is committed to developing deep integrations with the tools you use every day, such as your PSA, RMM and networking solutions.

During the webinar, we covered the following automation features and integrations.

  • With the new Datto Networking integration, there are no more blind spots. Gain complete visibility into your client’s entire environment, with real-time access to contextual Datto Networking hardware information next to the rest of your documentation. Easily resolve any issues without switching tools and losing valuable time. Quickly identify the status of your Datto Networking hardware and troubleshoot any issues with the auto-sync of device details.
  • Available through Network Glue:
  • Network Detective Pro Enhanced Integration

Service Desk Efficiency

When it comes to your service desk, you want your team to efficiently manage tickets, decrease SLAs and reduce resolution times. ​You can achieve this by consolidating your information in your documentation tool and PSA. It will also enable you to reduce the cost-of-service delivery because you no longer have to waste time looking for data across multiple systems and platforms. We covered the following Service Desk Efficiency features and integrations during the webinar.

  • With the new Auto-Suggested Documentation in Autotask, you can view IT Glue Passwords and Documents automatically suggested inside an Autotask ticket, allowing technicians to resolve issues more efficiently by having the information they need right at their fingertips. It reduces tab switching, giving you back more time and enabling you to serve your customers better.
  • BMS Dashboard
  • BMS Opportunity Finder
  • Datto RMM enhanced integration

Client Relationships

No matter how effective your team is, your clients don’t always recognize their value. To overcome this, IT Glue is committed to providing you with the tools to ensure your work doesn’t go unnoticed. In turn, the features we covered during the webinar will help you create profitable client relationships and uncover missed revenue opportunities.

Get the most out of IT Glue

IT Glue is an extremely powerful tool designed specifically for IT professionals and MSPs. With lots of customization options, integrations and more, there may be features you are not aware of yet or are not taking complete advantage of.

  • Take advantage of everything IT Glue offers with In-App Video Tutorials, which include step-by-step instructions and how-to details for various features and integrations. Find this page in the Help drop-down menu located at the top right of IT Glue.
  • We share all of IT Glue’s news, features, updates and our product roadmap every month under the What’s New page that you can find through the Help drop-down menu in the top-right corner. For complete release notes, visit HERE.
  • To view the Q1 Product Update recording, click here.

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