GlueX 2020 Feature Releases

BY IT GLUE | September 29, 2020

GlueX Product Update day is like Christmas come early for IT Glue partners, because that’s the day we drop more new features than any other day of the year. And since 2020 is one of the worst years in living memory, we wanted to make up for that by giving you more early presents than ever before. So let’s get right to the good stuff, shall we? Here’s a rundown of all the new features we announced at GlueX this year.

Archive Assets

This new feature will allow configurations, passwords, and more to be archived within IT Glue. One of our most-requested features, this is the step towards archiving all of the asset types within IT Glue, enabling you to scale more easily by segregating managed assets currently in use from legacy ones within their IT Glue instance.

BMS Live Ticketing Inside IT Glue

This feature allows technicians to work their tickets directly in IT Glue or in BMS. Tickets are updated in real-time in both systems so they can move between the systems seamlessly.  This allows techs access to VSA Automation built into ITG from right inside the ticket and direct access to documentation while working tickets without having to jump between tools.

Automated Bill by User with BMS + IT Glue

This used to be a manual collection of new users being added to O365/Azure/Ad on prem. Now, BMS automatically identifies new Azure AD users. The integration between ITG and BMS provides automated billing of O365 users, and integration between Network Glue and BMS provides automated billing of on-prem AD users.

Network Glue – Virtual Network Documentation

This new feature for Network Glue allows for greater visibility into virtual networks, identifying machines that serve as virtual network hosts and automating the documentation of virtual network machines.

MyGlue Help Center

The MyGlue Help Center is a shared knowledge base for MSPs and their MyGlue customers to enjoy enhanced collaboration-as-a-service.

Unitrends MSP Backup Status + Backup Coverage Report

With our new Unitrends MSP integration you can view Configurations backup status and backup alliance disk utilization in IT Glue. Plus, you’ll be able to produce on demand a PDF that reports on configuration backup coverage for Unitrends, allowing you to identify additional revenue opportunities or unprotected assets within their backup coverage.

IT Glue in the Kaseya Fusion App

Fusion is the future of IT on mobile. By adding IT Glue to the Fusion app, we are putting the entire IT Complete suite into the hands of on-site technicians, giving them access to the information they need the most when working at client sites. This feature was designed specifically with technician workflows in mind, making it unique among mobile apps in the channel.

myITprocess Integration

TruMethods has built this integration for its clients, to enable them to pull in data from IT Glue into myITprocess reports, to improve QBRs and other vCIO reports within the myITprocess system.

Checklist Due Date Notifications

This feature helps enhance the utility of checklists for task management by adding due date notifications, keeping you on your toes.

New Flexible Asset List View

With this feature, each flexible asset will have a unique list view with its own column headings, hidden columns, and filters.

So yeah, now that you’ve got several new tabs open, I won’t stand in your way any longer. Read, explore and rejoice!

Or, if you’re new to IT Glue, why not take a gander at our demo, where we talk about the other features we’ve weaved into our documentation platform since 2014.

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