Feature Release: Backup Coverage Report

BY IT GLUE | September 29, 2020

The trauma is real, and it only takes losing your data once. After that, the importance of regular backups is indisputable.

When managing backups for multiple clients, keeping track of what is and isn’t backed up, and when things were last backed up, becomes an important part of your IT services. The problem is that getting a complete record of what’s backed up can be a challenge, especially when it comes to physical assets such as a server or workstation. This means that you have to manually audit backup coverage to discover what assets should be backed up, but haven’t made it up to the cloud yet. Not anymore with this new IT Glue feature.

Bringing Automation to Backup Reporting

The IT Glue Backup Coverage Report is an integration with Unitrends MSP that enables a “set it and forget it” approach. IT Glue brings relevant backup information to your technicians’ workflow who then get the complete picture, making it easy to identify workstations and servers that are missing a backup.

Backup Report screenshot

Through the integration there is automatic documentation of the Unitrends appliance and assets as IT Glue configurations, and as a result it eliminates the manual work of documenting more hardware when it isn’t monitored by your RMM.

When you can easily see which configurations are backed up and which ones aren’t, it also introduces the opportunity to identify revenue opportunities. By referencing the PDF report you can see and share with clients what is and what isn’t protected in their managed environment compared with your managed services agreement. The SLA can be expanded to accurately reflect what’s being backed up, bringing more revenue into your MSP.

Life just got a little bit easier.

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For more information please take a look at the Knowledge Base article for this feature.

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