Feature Release: BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | September 28, 2020

In March 2019, we announced ticket integrations with ConnectWise and Autotask, and we knew at that time that we needed to build a ticket integration with Kaseya’s BMS, too. Naturally, we wanted to do something special for this integration, and today we’re unveiling what promises to be just the first step.

The vision for the IT Glue – BMS integration is to optimize technician workflows. This is what we’ve believed all along at IT Glue, because we know that’s how MSPs can do more with less, and we know that the financial benefits of increasing efficiency and organization can be pretty profound for MSPs.

Today’s release of BMS ticketing inside of IT Glue is just one of many features on our roadmap that will bring the tools you use everyday together in a more meaningful way. These are deep workflow integrations that are designed to eliminate all the wasted time toggling between apps, what we call the space between. This integration is the natural extension of IT Glue’s vision.

Here’s how it works:

Live ticketing sync means that your techs can work BMS tickets in IT Glue. By eliminating any need to toggle between these apps, your techs will be more efficient, and find the information they need to work the ticket more easily than ever before.

This integration also allows for billing. You’ll be able to bill accurately based on the number of users you’re actually supporting, which are imported directly from Active Directory via IT Glue.

This is on top of the integrative features we’ve already built, including surfacing contextualized IT Glue documentation in BMS and suggested IT Glue documentation in BMS, both released in the past few months.

To learn more about how to set up BMS ticketing sync within IT Glue, check out our Knowledge Base article.

To learn more about the IT Complete vision, you can do that here

If you’re a BMS customer and want to learn more about IT Glue, we highly recommend a demo:

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