Feature Release: Default Permissions for MyGlue

BY IT GLUE | July 09, 2019

One of the most-requested features for MyGlue has landed! As of today, new passwords in MyGlue are going to be set with a default permission that only the user who created the password can see the password. For a team-based password, that person can go into the security settings to add users or groups. This means it’s going to require fewer clicks for MyGlue clients to set their own personal passwords.

Many of our partners have been offering MyGlue as a password management tool for their clients to safely store and access their passwords, and a collaborative tool to securely share passwords, documents, and SOPs between them and their clients.

A MyGlue user will be, by default, the only one who has access to the new password that he/she created. This is the default setting, and they can then grant permissions to other teams or individuals as needed. This feature makes it easier to use MyGlue for personal passwords, but also for team-based passwords. The benefits that MyGlue conveys are still standard, including ensuring that password knowledge is never lost, and that teams can share passwords securely among themselves.

This functionality exists no matter how your clients prefer to use MyGlue, including the web app, the mobile app and the Chrome Extension.

To learn more about this feature, please visit our Knowledge Base article.

To learn more about how MSPs are using MyGlue to deliver exceptional value to their clients, we invite you to download our e-book MyGlue Use Cases. Click here to download.

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