MyGlue Use Cases #1: Passwords

BY IT GLUE | March 19, 2019

Let’s be honest, do you even know how your clients are managing their passwords? According to the 2018 Global MSP Benchmark Survey, over 50% of MSPs do not have visibility into their clients’ password habits. Yikes. Even if you’re in touch with a few of your customers, what about the rest? There are a plethora of use cases surrounding how you and your clients can be leveraging the power of MyGlue, but we’re going to start off plain and simple. Passwords. Your clients simply aren’t managing them as well as they should be. MyGlue can help.

Team-based passwords

Think about all those shared passwords. With SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies being all the rage, you should be aware that these team-based passwords are only increasing. The good thing though, is that there are far better ways your clients can be managing their team-based passwords than sending them in emails to their colleagues. Simply put, that’s a risk your clients, and your own company, can’t afford.

When you offer your clients MyGlue, all of their team-based passwords can be accessed in one central location. Security wise, it’s a massive shift for your clients. But it also has awesome perks like less shoulder-tapping between colleagues, and less password reset tickets being sent your way.

Password Security

Back during the spooky season of October, we launched a Halloween edition Password Horror Story campaign. Our partners reached out to us with a bunch of their most terrifying (and yes, hilarious) password horror stories. We got everything from extreme HIPAA violations, to clients who thought password security meant placing their special password sticky notes under their keyboards.

So when you say you’re securing your clients’ information, how far are you going to actually do that? MyGlue has the same kind of security that IT Glue offers including SOC 2 compliance, role-based permissions, version history, two-factor authentication, and more. This means not only will you now have insights into how your clients manage passwords, but you can have the confidence that their information is a lot more secure than it was on those sticky notes.

Fewer Password Resets

Let your clients be the owners of their own information. By this we mean, when your clients’ organizations have a fool-proof way of accessing team passwords, they’re going to be reaching out to you far less for help with those password resets. It also means that your clients will achieve a new level of self-sufficiency that is going to have long-term benefits for both you and for them.

Speaking of self-sufficiency, you also have the ability to share specific passwords with your clients, and they can choose which passwords they want to share with you. This starts to dive into how MyGlue can be used for the purpose of collaboration, which we’ll discuss in a future use case, but you should be aware that this is an excellent way to maintain open communication with your clients, enhancing everyone’s efficiency.

It’s time to kick things up a notch when it comes to managing your clients’ security. Offering your clients MyGlue for the purpose of passwords only just scratches the surface of all the ways MyGlue can create stickiness between you and your clients. To learn the rest of the awesome ways our partners are leveraging MyGlue to build and maintain their relationships with clients, stay tuned for next week’s Use Case #2: Documentation.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in diving a little deeper into MyGlue, or even IT Glue, learn more below.

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MyGlue is a documentation system for your clients’ businesses. Based on the award-winning IT Glue documentation platform, but built to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). MyGlue allows your clients to document their SOPs, passwords, vendor info, contacts, locations and equipment, all in one place, all accessible with a couple of clicks. Fully secure, MyGlue is their business information hub.

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