Password Horror Stories: Special Halloween Edition

BY IT GLUE | October 30, 2018

Halloween isn’t the only spooky thing that takes place every year. In fact, far more terrifying is what takes place every day, scrawled on sticky notes throughout your clients’ offices, or written in emails to their colleagues. That’s right, poor password hygiene and the never-ending array of cyber attacks that continue to take place because of it, is a horror story itself. Specifically, we like to call them Password Horror Stories.

A little while ago we had this great idea to see what password horror stories people had come across working in tech. After all, they’re not hard to come by. But after collecting your stories we can attest to the reality being much more of a nightmare than you might have thought.

The thing is, Password Horror Stories are great – some might even say hilarious – until you realize that for far too many of your clients, they’re not stories at all. They’re the reality. That’s where the true horror lies.

So how do you end this nightmare? We have the perfect solution for you – and it’s never been easier to take advantage of. For a limited time, you can receive unlimited MyGlue for life for only $195/month. Still wondering what MyGlue is? It’s your opportunity to secure your clients digital footprint, to step into the role of their trusted security advisor, and differentiate yourself from your competition. In other words, MyGlue is the password and documentation vault your clients have been waiting for.

Save my clients from these nightmares!

Otherwise, if you have questions or if you’re interested in taking advantage of this awesome promotion, get in touch!

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