Top 4 Use Cases for Deploying MyGlue

A Story of Possibilities

MyGlue was built for MSPs to secure their clients’ digital footprints, especially those team-based passwords. Since MyGlue is jam packed with so many features, our partners are using their creativity to come up with some interesting deployment use cases. Out of all the possibilities of MyGlue, we thought we’d share a few of the most popular ones that MSPs are leveraging to build a tighter, more profitable relationship with their clients.

Use Case #1:

Password Vault

Over half of all MSPs are unsure of how their clients manage their passwords. For most of the rest, they’d probably rather not know. If your clients think securing passwords means putting the sticky note under the keyboard instead of on the monitor, MyGlue is for you. As more businesses start using SaaS applications, team-based passwords become more common. Don’t let your clients share passwords over email, or use sticky notes and spreadsheets to track them. That’s a risk no company can afford.

Use Case #2:

Structured Documentation

Many MSPs that love IT Glue have successfully shared that Glue love with their clients by setting up MyGlue and enabling them to document all of their knowledge including SOPs, How-To docs, and other forms of documentation. Doing this has helped those companies reduce onboarding times, as well as increase process efficiency by making sure that everybody has the tools to perform tasks the right way, every time.

We have a couple of partners that specialize in verticals and use MyGlue to set up and serve standardized templates as flexible assets. If your clients create and use the same document types regularly, you can simplify their document creation process by custom designing documentation templates for them to use in MyGlue.

Use Case #3:


You already have your clients’ IT environment documented in IT Glue. Show your clients this documentation so they can see the value you’re providing. A lot of MSPs are using MyGlue to share what they have documented in IT Glue with their clients, typically with an in-house tech or with key stakeholders such as executives or office managers. Providing this visibility increases collaboration and mutual trust.

Better still, train your clients to log changes into MyGlue - like if you have procured 10 software licenses for your clients, and the client’s stakeholder can assign those licenses to the correct contact. With MyGlue, you can get a two-way flow of information going that provides both parties with greater visibility into IT infrastructure.

Think of resolving a ticket as giving them a fish, and setting up documents for self-service as teaching your clients how to fish.

Use Case #4:


Why deal with more tickets than you need to? Some MSPs set up a library of SOPs and How-To documents in MyGlue, so that their clients can self serve, especially for routine things. Obviously, there’s certain things you most certainly do not want your clients attempting, but there’s also a lot of things, like troubleshooting a printer or how to configure a work email on their mobile phones, that they can handle themselves if given the proper instructions.

What will you do with MyGlue?

Not all clients are the same, and no businesses are the same. Based on what your clients’ needs are, pick from all the value-added services and solutions opportunities that MyGlue offers. MyGlue is your opportunity to build a tighter, more profitable relationship with your clients.

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