MyGlue Use Cases #2: Collaboration

BY IT GLUE | April 02, 2019

One of the most common, and valuable, use cases for MyGlue is to facilitate a greater degree of collaboration between you and your clients.

Documentation that you have in IT Glue can be made available in MyGlue, and in many cases, there’s a pretty good reason to share this. Share it with the client’s executive team. Share it with the client’s in-house IT people, if they have any. By providing key people access to their documentation – or at least some of it – you can work with them to maintain a fully-documented environment, and to ensure that documentation is up to date.

2-Way information flow

In any collaboration, information flows two ways. A good example might be if the client has turnover. Somebody leaves, and someone new arrives. You probably handle the documentation on their computer already, but what if there are certain things they are going to access on their phone? With MyGlue, you can get a two-way flow of information going that provides both parties with greater visibility into IT infrastructure. So instead of that phone being undocumented, anywhere, and therefore a security risk, have them document the phone. Then you’ll have visibility, and be able to follow up if need be.

A new relationship with your clients

One of the coolest things about establishing a collaborative relationship with your clients isn’t even the functional part. Thought leaders in the MSP space preach all the time about trying to get your clients to stop thinking of you as a cost center and start thinking of you as a profit center.

This is how you can do that. By reframing the relationship as one of collaboration, you change how clients think about you, and that makes it a lot harder for somebody to undercut you on price – because it’s not about price anymore.

MyGlue is a powerful collaboration tool, but offers a number of other possibilities for building a strong relationship with your clients as well. We discussed the password use case a few weeks ago, and we’ll be diving into a couple more use cases in the coming weeks. To learn even more about how MSPs are using MyGlue, sign up for a MyGlue Demo or get in touch with your Account Manager.

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MyGlue is a documentation system for all businesses. Based on the award-winning IT Glue documentation platform, but built to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). MyGlue allows your clients to document SOPs, passwords, vendor info, contacts, locations and equipment, all in one place, all accessible with a couple of clicks. Fully secure, MyGlue is the business information hub your clients have been waiting for.

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