Psychology Marketing Tips every MSP Should Know

BY IT GLUE | July 20, 2017

You know tech like no one else. If there was an MSP planet, you’d rule it. But when it comes the emotional, behavioral, and right-brained marketing world? Well, that might seem like a whole other universe.

But marketing doesn’t have to be some alien lifeform. We’ve discussed how you can easily plan an effective marketing strategy and how these 5 great web tools can be used to create engaging marketing materials. Now, enter psychology: aspects of human behavior that can help you emotionally connect with target consumers. Psychology helps people notice, remember, and relate to your brand. 

Advertising and attention

Leading MSPs have developed a distinctive brand and value proposition. With the following psychology elements, you can do the same. 

  • Emotional appeals – People engage with content that creates an emotional connection. The most memorable emotional appeals evoke a moderate amount of fear or doubt. For example, advertising the security risks businesses face without your services might be an effective use of this tactic.
  • Source attractiveness – People take notice of relatable and credible associations because they act as a reliable source of information. As an example, pairing your service with positive customer testimonials can help build trust for your services.

Brand retention and memory

So, you’ve captured your target market’s attention, but how do you make them remember you? These tricks can help brands and ads “stick” to the brain:

  • Salience – Intense colors, bold words, surprising ads and unique/novel messaging throughout your marketing materials will help you stand out against competitors.
  • Repetition – Repetition has a powerful effect. Merely being exposed to something (whether it is a song, logo, brand, or idea) helps build familiarity and trust. So, make sure people see your brand and see it often.

Social media and social psychology

We love to see ourselves in things – whether it’s our actual self or our ideal self. If people see similar businesses using your services, they will be more likely to purchase them. Positive reviews, testimonials, and social media activity will also reinforce the need to conform.

Want to know the best way to use social media? You’re in luck. Next week, we’ll cover how MSPs can easily design a successful social media strategy so that you can put these psychology tricks to use. Subscribe to our blog to never miss a thing!

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