5 Genius and Innovative Marketing Tools for MSPs

BY IT GLUE | July 13, 2017

Brilliant marketing? There are a few apps that can help with that. It all starts with a great inbound strategy, of course, but cool apps that are not only fun can also help you create fantastic content.

So here’s some apps that you can load up your toolbox with to help with some of the fundamentals of marketing, such as writing and design work. You’ll be able to easily put these MSP best practices into action through professionally developed promotional materials.

Disclaimer: This article does not necessarily reflect the views of IT Glue™ management and may not reflect our current marketing stack (we’re not an MSP, after all).

Google analytics: data and research

Google Analytics is a great tool that can track your online data and performance. By regularly monitoring and improving upon what works, you can better target the right audience and receive optimal engagement.

HotJar: website optimization

HotJar helps you optimize your website. HotJar displays heat maps that show the clicks that occur on each page and the parts of a page that are the most popular. This data allows you to see how visitors interact with your site and whether you are getting the desired actions from online visits. You can also see where most visitors leave your website through HotJar’s conversion funnel.

Hemingway: write effectively

If writing isn’t your strength, Hemingway is a great online app that can help with this. Just copy and paste your text into the website. Hemingway will highlight grammatical errors as well as inefficient writing. The site also gives you a readability score and suggests extra tips in the sidebar to improve content flow.

Persado: AI writing to grab attention

Persado is an app that uses AI to generate stronger headlines for your emails and blog posts. If you’re running email campaigns, this app can help maximize the effectiveness of your subject lines so that more prospects open your emails.

Canva: graphic design

If you have limited resources for graphic design, Canva is the next best thing to Photoshop. This free web software has various ready-to-use templates and numerous resources (such as fonts and images) that can give your promotional materials a distinctive edge.

The last problem you need to tackle is to find the time to build out a more sophisticated marketing program. That’s where something like IT Glue comes in. By reducing time waste, you have more bandwidth to focus on new initiatives like marketing that will help you scale your MSP.

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