IT Operations Q4 2023 Product Update Webinar Summary

BY IT GLUE | November 14, 2023

During the IT Operations Q4 Product Update on November 7th, 2023, we shared some exciting new features and updates released over the past few months. We also shared a product roadmap and a list of things you can expect from IT Glue, myITprocess and ConnectBooster in the near and far future.

This past quarter, our product innovation focused on these key themes: Business Continuity, Automation, Service Delivery, Client Collaboration and Automated Accounts Receivable.

Let’s take a look at what’s new! You can also view the recording of the IT Operations Q4 Product Update HERE.

Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity for any IT team, it’s crucial that your operations continue to run even in the face of potential emergencies. Additionally, your entire team must have access to your IT documentation at all times. This requires round-the-clock access to IT documentation and comprehensive backup documentation consolidated in one pane. Having access to backup details alongside the rest of your IT Glue documentation makes achieving compliance and securing your assets a breeze.

  • NOW LIVE! Offline Mode for Passwords: Offline Mode for Passwords gives you the confidence to ensure business continuity — with or without internet access. With the new IT Glue Offline Mode browser extension, information, such as user permissions, OTP codes, host-proof hosting and activity logs, will be preserved when using passwords during offline access.
  • NOW LIVE!  Datto SaaS Protection IntegrationAuto-document Datto SaaS Protection details for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services directly in IT Glue for complete visibility and protection of your managed IT environments.
  • COMING SOON! Datto SaaS Protection Contact Details: With this new addition, IT Glue users can effortlessly access and manage critical contact details related to Datto SaaS Protection directly within their IT Glue platform. This integration ensures that all essential information, including contact names, emails and phone numbers, is seamlessly synchronized, providing a centralized hub for comprehensive data protection documentation.
  • NEW! Spanning Backup for Google Workspace: With our Spanning for Google Workspace integration in IT Glue, you can view your Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive backup details alongside the rest of your contact information in IT Glue. You can easily determine the user protection status for Google solutions, along with other backup details in IT Glue, such as the last backup time, status, total protected asset size and asset backup time.
  • NEW! Datto BCDR DR Runbook: Similar to our Unitrends DR Runbook, Datto BCDR customers will be able to run a Disaster Recovery runbook directly from IT Glue. This feature provides you with up-to-date information about the continuity devices protected by Datto that need to be recovered, giving you confidence that disaster recovery will be executed within minutes, instead of hours.
  • COMING IN Q1 2024! Endpoint Backup 4 PC Integration: Effortlessly track your last image backup date and status, delve into your image backup history and ensure data security with backup verification. Stay in control with insights into backup status, adhere to your personalized backup retention policy, and enjoy additional functionalities to enhance your IT environment.


Your tools should enable you to work smarter, handling a significant portion of the workload for you — and this is possible through automation. Smart, automated documentation can be your anchor during times of uncertainty and help you maximize efficiency daily.

  • NOW LIVE! 1-Click AD Password Rotation: One of our most anticipated features, 1-Click AD Password Rotation, is now live and available to all IT Glue users with a Network Glue subscription. This feature lets you easily rotate on-premises Active Directory passwords directly in IT Glue with just one click to minimize credential stealing. The new password you rotate in IT Glue will be automatically updated in Active Directory as well, reducing human errors.
    • NEW! Password Rotation Scheduler: Ideal for users with stringent compliance requirements, this feature enables the creation of distinct rules specifying the frequency of password rotation and the complexity criteria, ensuring robust security practices tailored to specific needs.
    • NEW! Password Rotation Custom Roles: To relieve administrators of the task of managing password matching, you can now delegate the administration of the Password Rotation feature to your technicians using custom role capabilities.
    • COMING SOON! Password Rotation Per Organization Scheduler: For those with a high level of compliance needs, you will be able to create unique rules defining rotation frequency and password complexity for each organization.
  • COMING Q4! SNMP V3 in Network Glue: As cybersecurity threats become more advanced, compliance requirements get stricter for your clients or organization. As a result, SNMP v3 has gained popularity among network devices and information collectors, providing assurance that all your devices will be discovered.
  • NOW LIVE! Datto Networking Integration: With the Datto Networking integration, you get real-time access to contextual hardware information alongside the rest of your documentation, allowing you to quickly identify the status of your hardware and troubleshoot any issues.
    • COMING SOON! Auto-Document Wi-Fi Credentials and Wireless Flexible Assets: Wi-Fi passwords are now automatically generated and stored within IT Glue as part of a Wireless Flexible Asset for a specific location. Additionally, all associated fields are thoroughly documented and tagged for the newly acquired site or sites. To keep this data automated and up to date, any information updated inside Datto Network manager will automatically be reflected in IT Glue.
  • COMING SOON! Additional Flexible Asset Templates for Education IT Departments: This upcoming functionality allows educational institutions to customize their asset templates even further, addressing the unique needs and nuances of the education sector. Now, IT teams in schools and universities can seamlessly align their documentation with the specific requirements of their IT infrastructure, ensuring a more tailored and efficient documentation process.

Service Delivery

When it comes to your service desk, you want your team to efficiently manage tickets, decrease SLAs and reduce resolution times. You can achieve this by consolidating information in your documentation tool and PSA. Doing so will also enable you to reduce the cost-of-service delivery since you will no longer be wasting time looking for data across multiple systems and platforms.

  • NOW LIVE! Datto RMM SNMP Data in IT Glue: Streamline your IT workflow with the enhanced IT Glue and Datto RMM integration. No more toggling between platforms—reduce ticket resolution times by accessing Datto RMM Web Remote and SNMP data directly within IT Glue. Gain real-time insights into CPU usage, memory stats and more, all in one centralized location. The latest update eliminates three-click processes, empowering your IT team to deliver instant support with ease.
  • NOW LIVE! IT Glue Password Insertion in Datto RMM and VSA: This integration enhances the efficiency of technicians by eliminating the need to switch between platforms for password retrieval. Now, you can effortlessly insert passwords from IT Glue directly into Datto RMM and VSA interfaces, streamlining the authentication process. This feature not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and security by providing quick access to the most up-to-date credentials stored in IT Glue.
  • NOW LIVE! IT Glue Auto-Suggested Documents and Passwords in Autotask and BMS: With Auto-Suggested IT Glue Documentation in Autotask and BMS, you can view IT Glue Passwords and Documents automatically suggested inside an Autotask or BMS ticket, allowing technicians to resolve issues more efficiently by having the information they need right at their fingertips.
    • NEW! IT Glue Auto-Suggested Flexible Assets in Autotask: In addition to seeing Documents and Passwords inside Autotask Tickets, we are adding an ability that allows you to set up rules for Flexible Assets, ensuring your team has all the relevant IT Glue documentation they need to resolve issues and close tickets faster. This is designed to intelligently recommend assets as you work within Autotask, ensuring that your documentation remains comprehensive and up-to-date without the need for manual input.
  • NEWIT Glue Embedded Checklists in Autotask: This feature seamlessly integrates checklists directly into Autotask Accounts, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that critical tasks are never overlooked, and can be easily replicated. With the ability to access and complete checklists within the Autotask environment, you can enhance collaboration, reduce errors and maintain a structured approach to your IT processes.
  • COMING IN Q1 2024! IT Glue Checklists in Autotask Tickets: This seamless integration allows you to access and utilize checklists directly from Autotask Tickets, ensuring that critical tasks are efficiently executed every single time. This feature provides a centralized and structured approach to task management, allowing your team to stay organized and focused, reducing the time spent resolving tickets and troubleshooting.

Interested in learning more about IT Glue? Request a 1:1 call with a documentation specialist HERE.

Client Collaboration

In IT Glue, you can take your customer relationships to the next level by leveraging MyGlue for day-to-day collaboration and myITprocess for assessing clients’ technology risks and conducting QBR meetings for guaranteed project approvals.

  • NOW LIVE! Compliance Manager Risks in myITprocess: Automatically turn risks identified in Compliance Manager into client-facing IT roadmap items for fast budget, timeline and project approvals. This integration helps you keep your client’s IT environments secure by providing you with complete visibility into their compliance risks alongside the rest of their technology misalignments in myITprocess.
  • NOW LIVE! Unified Executive Summary Reporting: Consolidated reporting can transform your client presentations, save you time and ultimately, drive client satisfaction and business growth. With our latest feature, you can seamlessly include critical metrics from your core services and easily add these to your myITprocess presentations. Automatically include summary reports from Network Detective Pro, Autotask and Datto RMM in one pane directly in myITprocess, and easily present key stats of network risks, ticket resolution times and other insights on your service delivery performance. This feature will soon introduce summary reports from all IT Complete solutions, such as Datto BCDR, BMS, Graphus and more.
  • COMING SOON! Device Lifecycle Management: Device lifecycle management provides MSPs with real-time asset tracking and secure access to device details. This will eliminate the need for yet another tool to find device warranty information for your clients. This feature will support Dell, Lenovo, HP and Cisco devices.

Interested in learning more about myITprocess? Get a demo and take your QBRs to the next level HERE.

Automated Accounts Receivable

When it comes to getting paid, cash is king. With business owners having to wear many hats, it is important that business documentation, task automation, security and client collaboration are as streamlined as possible. Once you have completed your IT services, getting paid is the next crucial step  and that is where ConnectBooster comes in. ConnectBooster has been proven to cut time, save money and offer customer transparency all while ensuring predictable cash flow. To make things as seamless as possible, we are excited to introduce some new features:

  • NOW LIVE! Dashboard Customization: With Dashboard Customizations, you will be able to customize your ConnectBooster Partner Portal to prioritize what you want to see. You will have the ability to select what analytics you would like to be displayed first, from Aging A/R total to Average Days Past Due.
  • COMING SOON! PDF Invoice Option: This feature allows users to create invoices in a standardized, easily shareable and printable format. With the PDF invoice option, ConnectBooster users can efficiently distribute invoices to clients, facilitating seamless communication and record-keeping in a universally accessible file format.
  • COMING SOON! Customer Checklist: The main goal of ConnectBooster is to help you grow and scale your business, but sometimes onboarding clients can involve a lot of manual and time-consuming work. For this reason, we created a checklist to help you structure and standardize the way you onboard so you don’t forget the important things.

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