IT Glue Q4 2022 Product Update Webinar Summary 

BY IT GLUE | October 21, 2022

During the SuperGlue Product Update webinar on October 20, 2022, we shared some exciting new features and updates that we released over the past couple of months along with our product roadmap to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from IT Glue in the near and far future.

In the last quarter, our product innovation focused on five main themes: security, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), Microsoft integrations, backup integrations and helping users get the most out of IT Glue.

Let’s quickly see what’s new in IT Glue. You can also view the recording of the SuperGlue Product Update webinar HERE.


Using the appropriate security controls in IT Glue is easy with the myITchecklist library. You can find checklists such as “Secure IT Glue” and “Secure your Documentation” that help ensure you are enabling all the necessary security controls for your account.

Not only is IT Glue SOC-2 Type II compliant, but it also has many user-controlled security measures, like enforced MFA, IP Access Control, SSO, permissions and Password Vault, that once set up, allow you to be confident about protecting your most important assets.

You can expect more security features and updates in IT Glue including Offline Password Access, 1-Click AD Password Rotation, access control for SSO users and IT Glue Secured Login Enhancement.

Mergers and acquisitions 

Mergers and acquisitions are increasing in the IT industry but bringing together documentation from two companies is a lot of work. However, automatically connecting it all in one place allows team members to continue servicing clients without any interruptions.

GlueConnect Per User Permissions

Whether you are preparing for an M&A, working with MSPs on the other side of the globe or engaging with NOC providers for 24/7 services, seamlessly link IT Glue accounts with GlueConnect and easily preserve user permissions with the new Per User Permissions.

Cross-Account Migration Service  

Remove the administrative burden of recompiling already documented information from one account to another by simply automating it with the new Cross-Account Migration Service. It allows you to maintain all asset relationships like tags, related items and document folder structure so that you can focus on more important post-acquisition issues. For more information, please contact your account manager.

Microsoft integrations 

Our Microsoft integrations automate the documentation of assets and user information from Intune, Active Directory, Azure AD and Microsoft 365 so you can effortlessly see their entire Microsoft environment. In addition, you get a consolidated view of multitenant environments so you have a single pane for your cloud, hybrid and on-prem Microsoft environments.

Not only is IT Glue your single source of truth for your Microsoft environments, but it also enables you and your team to easily and securely access Microsoft administrator passwords that require MFA with one-time password (OTP). With OTP, you get the code directly in app, so you aren’t relying on a dedicated mobile phone, landline or VoIP.

Backup integrations 

Bringing backup details next to the rest of your IT Glue documentation makes it easy to comply with regulatory standards and keep your assets secure. Learn more about the Datto Continuity, Unitrends and Spanning integrations in IT Glue HERE.

The Datto Continuity integration in IT Glue enables IT professionals to check the status, integrity and setup of Datto backups across all protected assets. It lets you see the last backup time, last backup status, the latest recovery point for the backup and whether the backup was successful.

With the Unitrends integration, you can view status updates from all your Unitrends backups, including the last backup time and storage for endpoints in IT Glue. You can also produce an automated PDF report to show the current backup state of any internal or client networks with the Unitrends Backup Coverage Report.

The new Unitrends DR Runbook lets you export an automated runbook that outlines all the Unitrends protected assets when a disaster strikes.

The newly launched Spanning for Microsoft integration lets you view your Microsoft Mail, Calendar, Contacts and OneDrive backup details altogether alongside the rest of your Contact information that’s already in IT Glue.

Get the most out of IT Glue 

KaseyaOne takes away the hassle of multivendor management by allowing you to log in, access support, and review your billing and renewal information from one place.

Cooper Insights is an AI engine that provides tips to help you make the most of your IT Complete solutions. Whether it’s new or old features or integrations you may not have set up yet, Cooper Insights will guide you through your next steps to take advantage of everything IT Glue has to offer.

We also have several tools, from in-app video tutorials to advanced courses in Kaseya University, to help you become an IT Glue master.

We share all of IT Glue’s news, features and updates on a monthly basis under the What’s New page that you can find through the Help drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Here, you will also see our product roadmap, which lists all the solutions we’re developing and that you can expect down the line.

Webinar: Efficiency Unleashed: Leveraging Predictive AI to Streamline IT Documentation

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