IT Glue Q2 2022 Product Update Webinar Summary

BY IT GLUE | May 27, 2022

It’s time for an in-depth product update where we review the exciting features added to IT Glue over the past few months. We have highlighted five main themes of product innovation, including Automation, Security, Productivity, Mergers & Acquisitions, and IT Complete. In this blog, we shall explore them in detail.

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Your tools must enable you to work smarter, and this is where automation and seamless integrations come in. The following integrations and new features can help you boost efficiency.


Our Microsoft integrations will automate documenting asset and user information from Intune (coming May 31) and Azure AD (live!). These two new integrations build on our existing integrations with Active Directory on-prem and Microsoft 365. ​

  • Intune: By aggregating your data from your PSA, RMM, Backup, network monitoring and now Intune, you can see a consolidated view of your managed, unmanaged and mobile devices across all clients in a single pane.
  • Azure: By bringing together Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Active Directory multitenant information under one roof, you get a consolidated view of your cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments.

Automatically create IT Glue configurations from RMM (coming in June)

With this new feature, RMM devices will be automatically created as IT Glue configurations, and you no longer have to do this manually. This saves you time and increases your efficiency.


Your data is valuable, and you can easily control who can see what information with the following security enhancements.

Automated Account Backup (NEW)

This feature allows you to schedule a recurring backup of your IT Glue data to your preferred third-party storage solution​. This is made possible through the API Endpoint and PowerShell script.

MyGlue and Network Glue Custom Roles (NEW)

This feature gives you the ability to delegate MyGlue and Network Glue administrative tasks to trusted technicians and frees your time for growing your business.

Bulk Security for Documents (Coming soon)

This feature allows you to bulk add permissions for users and groups for quick security changes for a set of documents.


We believe that your tools should work for you, not the other way around. Our productivity tools are aimed at eliminating time waste and boosting efficiency. One such productivity tool is a checklist.

Checklists in your documentation tool

Managing your team’s process in a documentation platform will help you leverage knowledge consolidation by ​easily relating checklists to other documentation for quick access. Additionally, this saves you lots of time by linking checklists to long-form SOPs and adding notes for historical or compliance references.

Checklists and checklist templates

We introduced a new capability to copy checklists and checklist templates (NEW) so that you can easily reuse your existing work and focus only on changes to these unique tasks related to the client.

You can now take care of clutter by assigning checklist templates per organization (NEW) so that you and your team can easily navigate around relevant information and stay laser-focused only on tasks that matter for this client or ticket.​

Mergers & acquisitions

The IT industry is seeing more M&As than ever before, and we are making sure to provide you with the functionalities needed to make these processes as smooth as possible.

Cross-Account Migration Service (NEW)

Migrating your documentation across IT Glue accounts while maintaining all asset relationships and folder organization is now possible with the IT Glue Cross-Account Migration service. Whether you have recently merged or been acquired by another business, the Migration Service will help you transfer your data as well as related items of existing assets, documents and users. This is available for IT Glue customers on the North America database.

IT Complete

IT Complete integrations make your everyday IT operations smooth and easy. These seamless integrations provide deep workflows from one product to another and allow you to work out of a single pane without any disruptions.

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This feature helps you cut technology assessment time by half with the help of your existing IT Glue documentation. You will have all the IT Glue Configuration and Flexible Asset information handy, so your technology assessment in myITprocess is simpler and faster.


Live Ticketing: You can now work on tickets out of your preferred platform – BMS or IT Glue. This dual-live ticketing experience works to align with technicians’ troubleshooting and enables them to act on IT tickets from either platform interface.​ Both interfaces have the same look and feel and in-line editing capabilities, and allows technicians to update and log time from either platform – adhering to their work practices.​ With the ability to create, view, assign, update and close a ticket in IT Glue or BMS, you can now ticket your own way without being restricted to a single platform.

Auto-suggested IT Glue documentation: BMS and IT Glue work together to deliver relevant information to your technicians through our “Auto-suggested IT Glue documentation” feature. This enables you, as an administrator of IT Glue, to create a workflow that picks up on BMS ticket context and suggest relevant IT Glue documents and passwords for the technicians to be able to quickly reference​. As a result, it frees up a lot of time spent on manual searching for relevant KB articles or standard operating procedures that are required when working on a ticket. We also have a new enhancement coming where you can set one rule that applies to all organizations.


You can leverage the already documented IT Glue Flexible Assets to automate usage-based cloud services billing in BMS. Instead of spending hours each month manually reconciling cloud services provisioned with spreadsheets and then manually updating the recurring service contracts to accurately bill customers, you can leverage the already documented IT Glue Flexible Assets to automate billing.

Streamline backup, security and vCIO services onboarding

Onboarding a client is no easy task, and there are a million things to do to ensure a successful and happy engagement. However, with your existing IT Glue information, onboarding can be easy.

You can leverage IT Glue Organization information to automate the client creation for backup (Unitrends), vCIO (myITprocess) and dark web monitoring (DarkWebID) services that you offer for your clients.

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