Feature Release: Unknown Device Notification and Custom Role Settings for Network Glue

BY IT GLUE | September 23, 2021

If you are an MSP billing by the number of devices, here’s an interesting feature update from Network Glue that can increase your profits — Unknown Device Notification. For those that don’t know, Network Glue is an automated network documentation and visualization tool. It automatically discovers, documents and diagrams IT environments, and automatically documents Active Directory information into structured documentation.

We are also excited to launch the Custom Role Setting feature that can help document your client environments more efficiently.

Unknown Device Notification

Having a complete picture of all the devices in your clients’ networks and how they are connected to each other is important for technicians to provide proper service to your clients.

With Unknown Device Notification, you will receive a scheduled email with the total list of unknown devices that haven’t previously been discovered or documented in IT Glue. This gives your technicians the opportunity to review these devices to match or create new documentation in IT Glue. This way, your team will always have the most up-to-date information on the devices they are working on for your clients.

Moreover, this feature can also rectify your billing woes. For instance, if your client has added five new devices to the network, you cannot charge for these devices without identifying them first.

Custom Role Setting

We all know that security is a big part of IT, especially in network management. Network Glue gathers information from the deployed collector, which is then used to create an up-to-date network diagram, enrich existing device and contacts information, and create new devices and contacts.

With the Custom Role Setting, you can add additional granularity with regards to who on your team can complete Network Glue administrative tasks — the ability to deploy a collector and match or create new devices and contacts based on Network Glue information.

This allows IT Glue Administrators and Managers to contribute to the business by focusing on more important responsibilities, while other time-consuming and sensitive network tasks can be delegated to trusted technicians.

Network Glue aims to increase your efficiency in onboarding, ticket resolution and quarterly business reviews. With these two feature updates, we are excited to help you further streamline onboarding and documenting your clients’ environments.

To learn more about Network Glue and how these features work, request a demo.

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