How BrightGauge Integrated with IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | July 05, 2017

Love the new BrightGauge integration? You’re not alone. The BrightGauge integration has been one of our most popular new features this spring. It came about in a different manner than our usual feature releases, so we wanted to talk a little bit about how this integration came to be. The integration was constructed through the use of our public API, which is exactly the sort of thing we hoped would happen when we released the API earlier this year.

IT Glue’s open API

When we opened up our API to the public back in January, we were looking for two main things. The first was to provide our partners a means by which they could build their own integrations, connecting apps for which there was no prior integration with IT Glue. The second was to encourage third parties to create integrations directly with IT Glue. The first company to take advantage of our API to build an integration was Warranty Master. More recently, BrightGauge has built an integration between their platform at IT Glue, highlighting the pathway to building integrations with IT Glue for any number of other third party channel providers.

Why build?

BrightGauge produces dashboards for the IT sector, and their product is well-known in the MSP community. Adding IT Glue metrics to the dashboard was an easy choice. Randall Berg, Data Team Manager at BrightGauge, notes that in part, the integration was customer-driven. “There was a large demand from our common customers, and that facilitated getting this integration into production. For us, there was value because this was an integration our customers were asking for.”

It’s easy

As it turns out, the build-out of the integration was pretty easy, too. As Brian Dosal, BrightGauge’s co-founder and head of Product, puts it:

“We used the available API to pull data into our analytics system. It was easy to use, the team was very responsive, and now we’re pumped to have this integration live for our mutual customers!”

From the time BrightGauge reached out to the IT Glue team and a common customer to kickstart the process, the integration took six weeks to build. “The API is a breeze to work with,” Berg points out. “Using current REST standards, things were very easy to test and build on. Luis and the whole development team at IT Glue were a pleasure to work with.”

How to build your own IT Glue integration

IT Glue actively welcomes the use of its API in order to create further integrations. Interested third parties can use the public API to build the integration, and work with IT Glue to bring the integration to life for their partners. For information on getting started with our API, please visit our Knowledge Base.

IT Glue is a documentation platform aimed at IT professionals. Information is imported from PSA, RMM and other tools into IT Glue, where it is organized for ease of access. Document both hardware and software using automated processes to reduce the time it takes to onboard new clients. A wealth of integrations help you document both assets and processes, and BrightGauge integration allows IT Glue data to be reflected on your BrightGauge dashboard. With relationship mapping and a robust search, your team will reduce the amount of time they waste looking for information, generating cost savings upwards of 20%.

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