IT Glue Announces BrightGauge Integration

BY IT GLUE | May 16, 2017

Here’s something to put on your dashboard: IT Glue™ is now integrated with BrightGauge. This integration will allow MSPs to collect and display information about how their teams are engaging with IT Glue and have it displayed on their BrightGauge dashboard. Not only do you have all your mission critical information at your fingertips in IT Glue, but now you can put it on your dashboard as well.

Configuration Dashboard

The key to this integration is that MSP managers will now be able to produce a configuration dashboard in BrightGauge. This will take the data that exists within IT Glue about user engagement with the platform, and allow this data to be put into a BrightGauge dashboard. Managers can see who in their team is interacting with IT Glue, and how much.

Building a Documentation Culture

One of the most important aspects to building a successful MSP is to have a documentation culture. You want your team to document all of the assets and SOPs that drive your business. BrightGauge integration gives you a new tool with which to do just that. Daily leaderboards encourage the creation and maintenance of documentation, which ties in with the Engagement feature that already exists within IT Glue.

Having a visible dashboard creates that extra layer of incentive for people to perform. Normalizing documentation as part of a daily routine – or even a routine at the end of every ticket – is a means by which you establish documentation culture. As such, BrightGauge will help MSPs to eliminate documentation gaps right at the source by ensuring a high level of individual accountability for creating, editing, and reading documentation.

The integration was created by BrightGauge using the IT Glue API, so you have to be a customer of both IT Glue and BrightGauge in order to take advantage of this integration.

About BrightGauge

BrightGauge is a popular tool for MSP reporting. Integrated with a wide range of commonly-used MSP tools, BrightGauge dashboards provide the metrics that managers need to track business performance. BrightGauge scorecards display activity, ensuring individual accountability of their team members.

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