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BY IT GLUE | October 03, 2018

If you think you’re on your own in this documentation journey, think again. We’re not just here to provide you with tips and tricks on how to get into a documentation rhythm, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to keep that rhythm strong. With that said, let’s dive in and explore some of IT Glue’s awesome documentation tools that work to transform the quality and efficiency of your documentation.


We get it, great documentation can be a lot of work sometimes. But with our wide variety of integrations, we help take care of some of that workload for you. Our Development team consistently works to create and implement a variety of integrations with leading PSA and RMM platforms, along with various other communication tools, that help information pass seamlessly throughout your MSP.

Speaking of integrations, the past couple of weeks have been packed with exciting announcements like our new and highly-anticipated Office 365 integration, an integration with Cisco’s Meraki, alongside our Continuum Help Desk integration. You can check all of these out, and so much more, on our Integrations page.


By automating processes, you not only significantly reduce the amount of time spent on documentation, but improve the accuracy of your documentation as well. What’s even better is that our open API is available for you to build the scripts you need, for integrations we don’t already have.

If you’re interested, we’re hosting an upcoming API Contest where you can enter scripts you’ve built using our API to win one of 3 awesome prizes, and other exciting perks. (Update: This contest has now closed and the winners have been announced!)

Process Efficiency

At IT Glue, we’re all about processes. In fact, besides documentation, process is probably the second most popular word in our vocabulary. And if it’s that ingrained in our culture, you’d better believe we’ve made it an integral part of our platform. New features are constantly being created and existing features updated to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your entire team. Here are a few top examples:

Checklists are a powerful tool for ensuring that things get done and done correctly. Use our Checklists feature to ensure that your team never misses a step.

A new feature in IT Glue is the ability to flag documents. Create any flag you want – popular choices include “incomplete”, “update needed” and “approval required”. Use flags to organize your documentation. Set up workflow triggers when a flag is created, edited or deleted, for full visibility and transparency.

Relationship Mapping
You have a lot to keep track of. Maybe that’s even an understatement. But with Relationship Mapping, it’s no longer easier said than done. You can link related items together, to ensure that all the information you need is at your fingertips. The less time you spend searching for information, the more time you’ll save, and the happier your customers will be.

Asset Preview
One less click goes a long way. With Asset Preview, you can search for an asset in IT Glue using our Quick Search feature, roll your cursor over the asset to collect the credentials you need, and never have to click away from the page you originally on. It’s that easy.

That’s not all! For a full list of features and how they can help improve your documentation, check them out here.


Your security is our top priority, which is why our platform is SOC 2 compliant and boasts features like Audit Trail, Version Control, Passwords, SSO, and MFA. Leverage these and rest assured your information will remain secure and in one central location.


What sets you apart from your competitors? Do you know? Increasingly, the MSP space has become saturated with most of your competitors having access to all the same technologies. Great documentation gives you a competitive edge by allowing you to demonstrate how your documentation allows you to outperform your competitors.

Think of it this way. Rather than just talking about what you can do for a prospect, your documentation lets you show this. With documentation in place, you can show prospects how you’ll document their environment, and what that means for performance. Having this transparency in place through your documentation builds trust, and sets you apart.

We’ve told you how great documentation is, and given you the tools to truly leverage its benefits. But what about your clients? They can benefit too, which is why we created MyGlue – the solution you’ve been waiting for to secure your clients’ digital footprint and add extra value to your customer relationship. With MyGlue, you can stop competing on price, and give your customers’ a real reason to choose your services.

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