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BY IT GLUE | September 18, 2018

Your documentation is only useful if it’s organized well. What helps with that? Our latest feature release, Flags, allows you to identify documents in need of attention so that you can improve the quality of your documentation. A document can be flagged, and then a workflow can be used to automatically alert your team that a document has been flagged.

Not only can you use flags to track business process stages, but you can also streamline the approval process for all your documentation and build accountability within your team by identifying and sorting outstanding or incomplete documents that require further action.

How it works

It’s simple, really. You can create flag types, such as “incomplete” or “needs approval”. Then, use those types to apply the relevant flag to each specific document. You can also add a specific flag description, outlining why that document has been flagged. Documents can be filtered in list views based on the flags you wish to look at. Let’s walk through this.

Flags - DocumentsEdit Flag type

Flag hover

Using Flags

Let’s say you want to start identifying documents with missing information and get your team to find and enter that information. You can create an “incomplete” flag, and then flag the different documents that are incomplete. Then you can use a workflow so members of your team get automatic notifications, such as via Slack or Webhook to MS Teams. A checklist can also be used to assign tasks for updating documents to specific team members. Not only does your incomplete documentation get completed, but you don’t waste time duplicating efforts, and you don’t risk having two people working on the same document.

Contextualizing Flags

You can enhance these flags by adding contextual descriptions for the flag to the document. Perhaps you have documentation flagged as incomplete, but by adding a note you can highlight exactly what information is missing, to speed up your processes and to remove any ambiguity. In addition, you can color-code the flags to provide visual cues to easily distinguish the priority or the stages of the flags.

Filtering Flags

Once your flags are created, you can then filter through all of your documentation in list views by entering the specific flags you’re looking for. There is also a flag search function, allowing you to search specific flags via flag: keyword. If you need to work on your incomplete documentation, you can see all of that at once, rather than having to search for it individually. More than that, you no longer have to remember which documentation is incomplete or needs to be updated because the flags are there to tell you.

Flags – Documents is also available in Quick Search. This means you can now search for documents based on the flag you’ve assigned them, such as searching for documents flagged as “incomplete”.

Ready to enhance the organizational efficiency and the accuracy of your documentation? Head on over to our Knowledge Base to find out how you can start implementing Flags into your documentation today.

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