Webinar: Leading High-Performance Change-Ready Teams

In teams of any size, in any industry, there will inevitably be obstacles you will need to overcome as your business evolves. After the year of rapid change that we’ve all just experienced, business leaders will need to take on new approaches to develop high-performance teams to ensure productivity and profitability for their businesses.

How can we adapt faster as leaders and build inspired, adaptable and fast-moving teams?

To uncover the answers to this question, we have invited Jim Lawless (ranked #1 motivational speaker outside of America in the 2020 Global Guru rankings) for an inspirational session.

The session will uncover:

  • The Basic Skills of Adaptability
  • The 4 Dimensions of Adaptation
  • How to understand and override your mind and body to take astute risks when necessary
  • Where the real changes happen – and the most frequent reasons they don’t
  • What is the ‘comfort zone’ and how to navigate ‘outside the comfort zone’ like a professional
  • Why your people like to stay within the comfort zone – and how to inspire them to leave
  • Why inspiration is your most powerful tool in times of rapid change – and hybrid work

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Jim Lawless is the CEO of Symmetry International and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

He is a leading architect of change and has delivered for global corporations, high-growth PE-backed companies, government departments and Olympic teams. He is the high-performance team coach of choice for many senior leadership teams around the world.

Through Symmetry, Jim and his team design and build the sustainable, competitive organizations of tomorrow, with a sharp focus on giving people and their leaders the skills and environment to adapt fast, be well and engage.

Author of the international bestseller ‘Taming Tigers’, and committed to highly practical yet disruptive business advice, Jim tested the rapid adaptation framework presented in his book to become a televized race jockey within a year of starting to ride and to become the deepest British freediver in history (101m) in just 8 months of training. Both whilst delivering his day job (we all have to perform whilst we transform) and with no prior experience or physical conditioning.

In high demand as a keynote speaker, Jim is ranked #1 outside of the USA and #6 globally in the current Global Gurus motivational speaker rankings. He has addressed well over half a million people on five continents.

Jim holds a degree in Law and spent the first decade of his career working as a commercial solicitor in the City of London and then as Legal Counsel with a global tech company. He founded his learning and development consultancy, ‘Optimise’ in 2000 which has evolved into Symmetry today. Jim was elected a fellow of the UK’s Royal Society for the Arts in recognition of his writing on culture and change. He is the father of two daughters, a helicopter pilot, a kundalini yoga practitioner and also plays classical piano.

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