2024 GlueXperience Recap

BY IT GLUE | April 30, 2024

GlueXperience 2024 Recap: The Debut of IT Glue Copilot

Thank you to all our dedicated IT Glue partners who joined us again at GlueXperience this week on April 29 as part of Kaseya Connect Global 2024 in Las Vegas. It was great to see everyone at the event and connect and share insights with you all. Our community continues to grow at an exponential rate, getting stronger every year.

GlueXperience 2024 was a jam-packed day full of exciting sessions with invaluable knowledge for our audience, both from our own product teams and IT Glue power users during our panel session. We also announced several exciting new features and integrations, including our new AI Engine IT Glue Copilot, Microsoft Entra ID Password Rotation and Device Lifecycle Management!

Here are some highlights from the different sessions we had at GlueXperience.

State of the ‘Glue’ Evolution and Product Update by Nadir Merchant

Nadir Merchant, CTO and GM of IT Glue, presented the GlueXperience Keynote. During the session, he shared details about some exciting new product launches and the future of IT Operations. Here are the highlights.


IT Glue Copilot: Smart Create and Smart Relate

IT Glue has announced its latest breakthrough, IT Glue Copilot, your AI guide for automated IT documentation. Since its inception in 2015, IT Glue has been at the forefront of solving information sprawl across various systems and integrating new technologies to streamline documentation processes. With the launch of IT Glue Copilot, the company takes a monumental leap forward, introducing cutting-edge AI technologies, such as natural language processing, generative AI, machine learning and traditional intelligence algorithms to revolutionize how IT documentation is created, curated, accessed and orchestrated.

Through Smart Relate, IT Glue Copilot transforms the labor-intensive task of documenting asset relationships into a sophisticated, automated and continual process that enhances accuracy and integrates seamlessly at any stage of an organization’s journey. This innovative tool dynamically adapts and manages your IT documentation as your organization evolves and the IT environments you manage grow. IT Glue Copilot enhances documentation workflows by automatically suggesting and creating related items. Additionally, the Smart Create feature intelligently generates flexible asset templates. Together, these functionalities create a robust documentation ecosystem that accurately mirrors your IT environments with complete precision. These advancements underscore IT Glue’s commitment to serving multi-function IT professionals, ensuring that their IT documentation remains interconnected, meticulously managed and ahead of the curve in a rapidly advancing technological landscape.

Learn more here.

Microsoft Entra ID Password Rotation

IT Glue has introduced a significant enhancement to its password management capabilities with the new addition of Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 Password Rotation. With this feature, IT administrators can now rotate passwords on-demand with one-click, or establish an automated rotation schedule directly within IT Glue. This feature provides a streamlined, secure method to manage and update sensitive credentials, ensuring that credential stealing is significantly reduced with fresh passwords. With this addition, IT Glue aims to consolidate password management tools, reducing the dependency on third-party applications and simplifying the security operations for businesses. This not only enhances security by ensuring regular password updates in compliance with best practices but also offers a more integrated and efficient approach to managing digital identities across an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Learn more here.

Device Lifecycle Management

Device Lifecycle Management is designed to revolutionize how IT technicians track warranty expirations and report on these during quarterly business reviews. With this enhancement, myITprocess seamlessly integrates with leading manufacturers like Lenovo, HP and Dell, empowering IT professionals and their clients to effortlessly manage device lifecycles. This feature offers the flexibility to set and tailor lifecycle policies for client devices while providing the assurance of timely notifications on policy due dates, allowing for smoother operations and peace of mind. As the year progresses, myITprocess is set to expand its capabilities further by integrating with renowned brands such as Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Ubiquity and Apple. This expansion aims to provide technicians with a comprehensive overview of device lifecycles, paving the way to phase out reliance on third-party solutions and streamline the entire device management process. With Device Lifecycle Management, IT technicians can anticipate a substantial improvement in efficiency during their quarterly business reviews, ensuring their clients’ infrastructure is not just current but also strategically aligned for future needs on upcoming warranty changes.

Learn more here.

Integrated Executive Summary

IT Glue has also announced the new Integrated Executive Summary feature in myITprocess, designed to revolutionize your quarterly business review (QBR) reporting process. This tool empowers you to showcase your achievements with executive summaries that highlight critical metrics and hard data, making your contributions and effectiveness transparent to your customers.

The Integrated Executive Summary allows you to eliminate the hassle of data hunting by automatically pulling key statistics from all integrated solutions, allowing you to focus more on analysis and less on data gathering. It instantly compiles the most critical metrics from across your solutions to highlight the most impactful data. Additionally, it reduces manual labor and administrative overhead by automating report generation, ensuring each report is formatted consistently to provide a seamless presentation experience. Moreover, it maintains a professional and unified appearance across all reports by adhering to a cohesive visual standard that reinforces your brand’s professionalism.

The Integrated Executive Summary feature automates the consolidation of the following crucial metrics across different aspects of your IT service delivery:

  1. Service delivery metrics: Demonstrate your MSP’s efficiency in handling service requests with metrics such as resolution times and response times, among other key performance indicators.
  2. Backup metrics: Assure your customers of their data’s safety and recoverability in the event of a disaster, underscoring your ability to ensure business continuity without interruptions.
  3. Network risk metrics: Address the increasing need to protect your clients’ networks from viruses and other threats by clearly presenting key risk metrics.

This integration aims to streamline your IT planning process, enhancing your ability to deliver top-tier, strategic insights during your QBRs.

Learn more here.


IT Glue Copilot: Smart Assist

The upcoming IT Glue Copilot: Smart Assist feature enhances IT documentation management by automatically identifying and helping you clean up stale assets like outdated documents, passwords or configurations. With tools for global viewing and bulk actions, you can quickly declutter your IT Glue accounts.

Smart Assist will also highlight unused or duplicated documents and expired assets, enabling efficient documentation management with just a few clicks. Additionally, it identifies high-quality documents that are frequently used by your team, providing insights to potentially replicate these for broader use or establish specific update procedures based on their popularity. This feature streamlines your documentation process, ensuring both cleanliness and efficiency.

QBR Report Builder

Scheduled for release in Q3 of 2024, myITprocess is set to introduce a versatile QBR report builder. This new tool will enable you to customize and organize data according to your preferences for client-facing reports. These reports can be automatically distributed on a recurring schedule or manually presented as PDF files during quarterly business review meetings.

Password SafeShare

The upcoming Password Safeshare feature, launching in third-quarter 2024, lets you generate encrypted, time-sensitive links for sharing passwords, offering complete control over access. It includes an option for automatic deletion of passwords from IT Glue if they conflict with company policies.

Smart Create – Datto BCDR Backup Health

The Smart Create Datto BCDR Backup Health feature in IT Glue will automate backup health audits, allowing swift assessments of backup failures and unprotected volumes to boost team efficiency and secure client data continuity.

MyGlue Unified Client Portal

In Q3, MyGlue will become the only end-user portal you’ll need for the entire IT Complete suite. Clients will be able to view and create tickets in MyGlue, see strategic roadmaps and client facing dashboards, approve quotes and even restore files from backup.

Real-World IT Documentation Success Stories: IT Glue Partner Spotlights

To get the true essence of IT Glue’s secret sauce, we invited three amazing IT Glue Power Users to join our special panel discussion:

  1. Brad Dunning, Director of Integration Services at Networking Technologies and Support
  2. Chad Wiggins, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at PulseOne
  3. Jason LaPorte, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Power Consulting Group

They shared their first-hand experience and insights on utilizing IT Glue and leveraging all it offers to get an incredible ROI, higher efficiency and seamless automation power like never before. With IT Glue at the heart of their businesses, our panel members had some priceless tips and tricks to take IT documentation to the next level. Collectively, these leaders stress the importance of IT Glue in enhancing MSP operations, suggesting that through careful planning, targeted integration and fostering a strong documentation ethos, MSPs can achieve significant operational benefits.

Jason LaPorte of Power Consulting Group, with nearly three decades in IT, underscored the initial challenge of documentation sprawl in IT Glue and the importance of identifying critical documentation components. Emphasizing the strategic use of integrations like Microsoft 365, he advised focusing on the practical needs of engineers and highlighted that the return on investment (ROI) in IT Glue should be measured not in dollars but in reduced technician stress and increased satisfaction. Building a documentation culture and recognizing tech contributions were also key points he raised.

Chad Wiggins, who leveraged his extensive background that began at Microsoft to eventually start to his own MSP, advocated for the use of IT Glue in sales and its pivotal role in boosting employee retention and project management efficiency through proper implementation services and adherence to best practices from the outset.

Brad Dunning’s journey from hospitality to IT saw the practical evolution of IT Glue use, encouraging MSPs to standardize data structuring for scalability and peace of mind. He suggested gamification to promote a culture of documentation and claimed that IT Glue instilled confidence in his team, with Liongard integration proving invaluable for onboarding.

Workshops Galore

IT professionals at GlueXperience were also immersed in workshops brimming with practical insights. The “Automation Workshop” highlighted the essential role of AI and APIs in modernizing IT documentation, providing tools like AI prompts and API scripts to integrate into IT Glue’s open framework. “Beyond the Frontlines” shifted focus to the strategic side of IT service, encouraging professionals to demonstrate their value beyond ticket resolution by adopting strategic planning and tools like automatic payments and the Kaseya quote manager. Additional workshops like the “IT Trifecta” and “Maximize IT Documentation ROI” offered strategies to turbocharge service delivery and uncover IT Glue’s latent potential, ensuring attendees walked away with a toolkit of tips for immediate application.

Thank you again to our IT Glue community for your incredible support!

Webinar: Efficiency Unleashed: Leveraging Predictive AI to Streamline IT Documentation

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