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Your Business Information Hub

Your Business Information Hub: coming soon.

Documentation isn't just an IT problem. Almost every business struggles to build scalable, repeatable, consistent processes. What if you could help your clients' teams to become 50% more efficient by providing them with a simplified version of the same, great tool you use to manage your IT information?

IT Glue™ is pleased to announce MyGlue™, a ground-breaking new platform which enables you to help your clients manage their internal processes and documentation. They will love you for it!


What MyGlue can offer you

  • Build a new, exciting, and highly profitable recurring revenue stream
  • Deliver tremendous new value and opportunity to any organization
  • Collaborate and share content seamlessly with your clients’ staff
  • Help your clients to become more process-oriented and transform their businesses
  • Establish yourself as a trusted advisor through new, innovative solutions

What MyGlue can offer your clients

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Organize and centralize all passwords
  • Create standard operating procedures
  • Create general business documentation
  • Track any asset effortlessly and flexibly

How It Works

  • Activate your MyGlue subscription, you need to have an active subscription to IT Glue
  • Allocate seats as you see fit (e.g. 1 seat on 50 clients, or 50 seats on 1 client) via our simple MyGlue Control Panel
  • Add/remove seats as needed
  • Educate your clients on the value of great documentation and process, and start helping them to create dramatic efficiencies in their business
  • All while you enjoy a brand new, high-value revenue and high margin stream.
  • Your clients will enjoy a simple, beautiful interface to manage their passwords and internal process documentation and send you a thank-you card for presenting it to them!