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September 11, 2023

How to Create a Process-Driven Culture With IT Documentation

Aidan Coleman

Have you ever wondered how some organizations thrive in their industries while their competitors struggle to survive? This could be the case even among organizations with similar leadership styles, business strategies, marketing approaches and adaptability skills. So, what separates successful companies from the rest? In most cases, well-defined processes could be the key differentiating factor. […]

Guarantee Service Consistency With IT Glue Checklists | IT Glue
April 07, 2022

Guarantee Service Consistency With IT Glue Checklists


Checklists are a core part of IT documentation since they simplify any task irrespective of size. By clearly outlining steps on how a procedure or task should be performed from start to finish, checklists enable organizations to provide consistent service across the board.

Our new Checklists enhancements make it simple for IT professionals to manage repeatable processes by leveraging standardization across all organizations while giving the flexibility to customize based on organization-specific unique requirements.