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January 22, 2024

Revolutionizing Network Management With IT Glue and Datto Networking Integration

Aidan Coleman

Several months after the successful launch of our IT Glue/Datto Networking (DNET) integration, we are thrilled to introduce a series of powerful updates that promise to revolutionize how you manage your networks and their documentation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enhancements made since the initial integration, emphasizing the incredible strides toward intelligent […]

July 19, 2023

Take Your Backup Documentation to the Next Level


New integrations: Datto SaaS Protection and Spanning Backup for Google Workspace Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations across the world. Considering its significance in building intelligent organizations, managing and protecting your data is critical. However, this could be challenging since most organizational data resides in different locations — on-premises storage systems, the cloud, SaaS applications […]

IT Glue 2022 Year in Review | IT Glue
December 08, 2022

IT Glue 2022 Year in Review


  A look back at our feature releases over the past year    Thank you to our IT Glue community members for always pushing us to greater heights. In 2022, we accomplished amazing feats and rolled out some of our most exciting features and integrations to date. The IT Glue product team focused on seven areas […]