MyGlue Use Cases #3: Self-Service

BY IT GLUE | April 09, 2019

How many tickets do you receive that your clients could have solved if they had simply had access to the right information? Probably quite a few. Sure, you’re still crushing tickets in record time and your clients are probably pretty happy about this, but there’s an even better way you can manage the simple requests. By collaborating with your clients in MyGlue, you empower them with a certain level of self-service capabilities.

Your customers are still going to be submitting tickets or giving you a call from time to time; that’s the nature of the job. But with MyGlue, they’ll also be leveraging a powerful tool that increases their efficiency, saves you time, and strengthens your relationship with one another.

Why self-service

The reality is that there’s a variety of IT issues that can often be handled on a self-service basis. In other words, you don’t always have to step in, at least not right away. Up until this point though, your clients might not have had access to the right information in order to self-serve.

Consider what simple processes your clients repeatedly turn to you for help with. If you shared an SOP with your clients in MyGlue, would they be able to handle that process on their own? Examples of SOPs you might share could include, “How to troubleshoot a printer,” or, “How to add an email account to a mobile phone.”

Think of it like this: What are the first few questions that your tech will ask the client? The “Is it plugged in?” type of questions. Get the client to walk through those first, and only if that fails to call the tech.

Obviously, there are certain issues that your clients aren’t equipped to handle on their own. After all, that’s why they’ve hired you. But by enabling your clients to manage simple tasks on their own time, without waiting on a response from you, you allow both parties to save time.

The long-term benefits

So what’s the point? You have unbeatable response times, and you like to keep in touch with your clients. No matter how amazing your response times are, by offering an element of self-service you’re taking out an extra step for your clients. You’re speeding up their processes. You know the importance of efficiency in your own business, and MyGlue essentially allows you to offer that same level of efficiency to your clients. Trust me, your clients will be grateful.

Let’s not forget the obvious time savings you’re going to benefit from, too. By encouraging your clients to self-serve, you’re giving yourself back the time you would have otherwise spent with them on small tasks. This also means that if you’ve been wondering if enabling this level of self-service will require extra work, the answer is: far from it. This is all about less work. You already have the necessary SOPs or other assets documented in IT Glue, which means it’s as simple as sharing them with your clients in MyGlue.

At the end of the day, all of this time-saving talk really comes back to creating a strong relationship with your clients, and giving yourself an edge against your competitors. MyGlue adds extra value. It shows that you understand the demands of your clients’ businesses, and want to empower them with a resource that will make managing their information simple.

Self-service is just one of the many powerful ways you and your clients can be leveraging MyGlue. Other use cases may include passwords (in other words, their overall security), or the collaboration functionality, but the opportunities don’t stop there. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can start offering your clients MyGlue and building unbeatable customer relationships.

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