Managing Your MSP Before You Go on Vacation

BY IT GLUE | August 10, 2017

If you’re going on vacation soon, you may be more worried than excited. After all, how can you possibly leave your company in the hands of a few employees while you are sitting on the beach somewhere? You might not like the sound of that, but the reality is that taking a vacation can significantly increase your productivity and motivation when you return to work.

You’re going on vacation to de-stress, so let’s make this as stress-free as possible. I’ve got a few steps you can take to effectively prepare your MSP for your few weeks away from the office.

Delegate tasks

Most workers fear taking a vacation because of the mountain of work they risk coming back to. To avoid this issue, delegate your tasks and spend some time training employees on them. If you can, practice being more hands-off before you leave, so employees can be confident to manage on their own. To support clients that you work with personally, introduce them to your top techs to maintain the relationship while you’re away.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

What’s the worst that could happen? As rhetorical as this sounds, this really is something that needs to be planned for. Consider making detailed SOPs to outline important procedures for employees to reference when things go wrong.

Have remote access

While you do want to have a relaxing vacation without thinking of the office, having quick access to work can also give you peace of mind. So, bring your phone and laptop for added accessibility – just in case. If you are someone who can’t completely turn off from work, plan virtual meetings from your destination.

Do a post-mortem

When you come back from your trip, do a post mortem. Evaluate what your employees were able to handle while you were away and what could have been handled better. If something went wrong, put processes in place immediately so that you can avoid future issues.


There was a reason you planned this vacation after all, so be sure to enjoy it! By taking the above steps, you can feel confident that you have taken steps to better prepare your office for your vacation. So, rest easy, relax, and enjoy your time off!

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