IT Glue Releases the 2019 Global MSP Benchmark Report

BY IT GLUE | August 14, 2019

It’s here! We have released the sophomore edition of IT Glue’s Global MSP Benchmark Survey!

The Benchmark Report is packed with valuable insights from over 700 MSPs in 23 countries. If you’re in any way curious about the state of the MSP industry, what your competitors and peers are up to, and the direction of managed services overall, you don’t want to miss this report.

Curious about where the opportunities lie? Wondering what products other MSPs are favoring in their stacks? Is the sentiment on the market as a whole bullish or bearish?

Download the report to learn the answers to these questions and many, many more.

Download the 2019 Global MSP Benchmark Report

The IT Glue Global MSP Benchmark Report is a comprehensive analysis of the state of the managed services industry as a whole, and the companies that comprise it. Our report features not just the stats from the survey, but in-depth analysis that will help you make sense of the raw data.

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