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BY IT GLUE | November 09, 2017

As part of the move towards automating your documentation, IT Glue™ maintains a public GitHub account, where we host a variety  of scripts and tools that leverage our open API. The API lets you build integrations that we don’t currently offer, and IT Glue’s GitHub page allows our user community to share their scripts, code and more with each other.

Larger MSPs are increasingly bringing in on-staff developers and DevOps engineers in order to automate their routine business processes. Since a lot of what we do at IT Glue is to help you automate and standardize processes, we’re all in on doing what we can to help you automate. Maintaining a GitHub repo is just one such element of that.

For further information about our new Documentation Automation feature, click through the link.

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IT Glue is a platform for IT documentation and automation. Using IT Glue, you can organize your documentation in a standardized manner, so that all mission critical information is at your fingertips. Our API is available, and can be used with any asset type, allowing you to automate many routine processes, and build integrations that we do not currently offer.

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