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BY IT GLUE | August 03, 2023

NEW FEATURE: Password Import & Export with OTP Secret Key!

Accessing the one-time password (OTP) code with multifactor authentication (MFA) isn’t always convenient, but with IT Glue’s OTP feature, it can be a breeze. Two-factor authentication (2FA) or MFA has become vital for today’s password security. By adding a second layer of authentication, you can verify whether the person accessing an account is legitimate.

OTPs are common under MFA procedures. An OTP is an automatically generated sequence of numeric characters that expires after a certain timeframe. However, accessing the OTP code can sometimes be cumbersome, requiring manual scanning of a QR code onto multiple devices or tracking down the code owner. Due to this inconvenience, some individuals skip implementing 2FA/MFA measures, compromising the security of sensitive data.

Fortunately, IT Glue’s OTP feature offers a solution that makes accessing the OTP code seamless and simplifies importing and exporting the OTP secret key. With this functionality, onboarding new users and ensuring business continuity becomes effortless, enhancing the overall user experience and reinforcing security measures.

Boost security and password sharing with OTP in IT Glue

IT Glue’s OTP Generator provides a convenient solution, ensuring continuous access to the most up-to-date OTP codes for passwords that require 2FA/MFA. This feature streamlines the login process, especially when multiple technicians are granted administrator access to an application. With the OTP Generator, all technicians can access the necessary OTP codes to complete the 2FA/MFA login, ensuring seamless access without compromising convenience.

Efficient imports to make onboarding a breeze

The increasing number of SaaS applications that IT teams must securely access has made adding an OTP code for each password time-consuming. However, this task has been significantly simplified with the recent introduction of OTP secret key import.

With this new capability, IT teams can now effortlessly import a list of MFA passwords and their corresponding OTP secret keys into IT Glue. This enables centralized access and benefits the entire IT team by streamlining the process and making it much more convenient to manage and use OTP codes across various applications.

Comprehensive export for automated account backup

In IT Glue, you can automatically export your account data to ensure you always have an up-to-date backup readily available in case of emergencies. This seamless process guarantees uninterrupted access to critical and sensitive information, with all your account data regularly exported. It saves valuable time and enhances overall business efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data exports.

With this automated backup system, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to back up your data, thus mitigating the risk of losing vital information. Passwords with OTP codes are now included in the Automated Account Backup in IT Glue. This added layer of security ensures business continuity, providing your team with another reliable way to access shared accounts with OTP enabled during emergencies. With IT Glue’s comprehensive backup solution, your team is always prepared and equipped to handle any unforeseen circumstances without compromising security or productivity.

Learn more about MFA and OTP in IT Glue in this Knowledge Base article.

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