Growing Your MSP: Your Guide to Social Media Excellence

BY IT GLUE | July 31, 2017

As an MSP, social media can seem like a daunting beast. However, once you have it under control, you’ve got a whole lot of power in your hands. Facebook alone has over 900 million active users. Twitter? That’s another 140 million. And let’s not forget about the 160 million members on LinkedIn. Among these millions of people are the business owners and influencers that you want to reach. Needles in a haystack? They don’t have to be.You now know how to plan an inbound marketing strategy, which online tools help create excellent marketing materials, and how to use psychology to market your MSP. Paired with a well-conceived social media strategy, you can further increase your company’s brand awareness, enhance communications, and build conversions.

 Set a strategy

First, outline a clear plan. Try to identify who your target audience is, where these people hang out, and what type of content will resonate with them. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and company blogs are the most used platforms by MSPs. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be on all of them – just the ones that best reach your target audience.

Outline objectives

Establishing measurable goals will help you track your progress. Website traffic, blog views, leads generated, and performance by topic are a few good metrics to set goals around. Assess these against your invested effort and adjust accordingly to improve over time.

 Create a content calendar

Organize your long-term strategy and goals by making a content calendar – planning three months in advance. This makes managing multiple accounts much less overwhelming. As a benchmark, if you have two to three hundred followers, aim to post once a day (or three to fives times a day on Twitter).

 Educate. Inspire. Engage.

On social media, educational content that adds value is key. Displaying thought leadership helps establish your brand as valuable, credible, and read-worthy. Think of social media as less about selling and more about building trusting relationships – which are especially important in B2B sales. Additionally, use eye-catching (but relevant) visuals. Facebook posts with images see  two to three times more engagement. All in all, your posts should educate, inspire, and engage to resonate with your target audience.

Analyze data and results

Remember those goals? Now it’s time to analyse your results to see how you did. You can use free software (such as Google Analytics) to track your progress. Another tip? Record your competitors’ social media accounts – what works for other MSPs might work for you too. What’s important is that you continually learn and apply insights from past experiences. 

With social media, it will take time to see results (this may be anywhere between 12-18 months). But paired with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to social media excellence.

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