Feature Release: Password Auto Rotation

BY IT GLUE | October 31, 2019

Some are for, others are against—but no matter what side of the password rotation fence you fall on, there’s no denying its value. Quickpass and IT Glue are now making it easier to rotate your Active Directory passwords automatically.

As your MSPs client-base grows, the minor inconvenience of remotely logging into each client’s Active Directory account to set a new password and then update documentation in IT Glue, can quickly become unmanageable. What was only a minor burden is now a mind-numbing task that can take hours, and needs to happen according to whatever rotation schedule your MSP has established.

It’s not surprising that some MSPs have grown weary of having to log into each client’s Active Directory to reset the password. I don’t want to point any fingers, but I’ve heard of some who have created a single service account that gains access to all their client’s Active Directory information. This approach definitely saves time and effort, but is an undeniable security risk.

So what’s the fix?

Well, automated password rotation, of course! Last month we featured a new API-based integration with Quickpass. The integration made it possible to make bulk password resets through a central Quickpass admin console, and have all changes automatically update in IT Glue.

Now, password auto rotation is also enabled! Simply set a rotation schedule and specify password complexity criteria and never think about it again. Of course, whenever a password is updated, changes will be reflected in IT Glue. As a result, you can be sure you can always reference IT Glue for the most up-to-date Active Directory passwords, all while having the best password security, and decreasing the time and mental space needed to achieve it.

Note that because the integration with Quickpass is built using our API, it is available to partners on our Enterprise plan. Password rotation builds on the previously-announced functionality with Quickpass, including auto-update of Active Directory passwords.

For more information on how to setup auto password rotation of admin users with IT Glue, reference this Quickpass article.

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