Feature Release: Office Cloud Editor

BY IT GLUE | October 29, 2019

We have big news: you can now edit web-based Microsoft Office documents right within IT Glue! That’s right—you heard correctly. Whether it’s Word, Excel or Powerpoint—the steps for editing office documents have been fundamentally streamlined. What’s more, co-authoring functionality is also possible!

As they say, many hands make light work, and now this is true when working within Microsoft documents. Simply navigate to a given file, and click on the office icon which opens the file in a new tab. All edits are automatically saved and synced back into IT Glue, and the latest version of the document is available wherever you are, and no matter who clicks into the file.

IT Glue introduced GlueFiles last year to enable easy and secure uploading and storing of files, including several Office file types, but the process for editing and updating those documents has been somewhat cumbersome. Up until now, you’d have to download the file and make desired revisions before re-uploading the file. Not only did this entail multiple steps that ate up time, it also acted as a barrier to keeping documents up-to-date.

IT Glue is all about saving time and making your life easier, and this new feature is a big step in that direction. An added benefit is that you’ll also be able to leverage the styling and formatting capabilities of Office Online right within IT Glue.

Office Cloud Editor is available on IT Glue Enterprise plans, and also through MyGlue—extending the collaborative features of Office Cloud Editor to your clients. This addition is made possible by our joining the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program, and we’re really proud of our developers for incorporating this functionality into IT Glue. A big round of virtual applause goes out to them!

To learn more about Office Cloud Editor, please consult the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

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