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BY IT GLUE | December 11, 2018

Document flags was released a couple of months ago, and we’re really happy with the adoption so far. It’s one of those features that, once you get the hang of using it effectively, you wonder what took you so long to get started. Here’s the best part. Flags is one of our business processes features, a suite of features in IT Glue designed to help you leverage your documentation to its fullest potential. We’re deeply committed to giving you the tools you need to run your MSP better. To that end, we’ve now added default flags to our offering.

With default flags, administrators can optionally set a specific flag type as the default so that all newly created documents will have this default flag automatically added. What does this mean? It effectively brings more visibility to new documents. Management can also rest assured that users do not forget to assign a flag to newly created documents. This is definitely one of those things where it’s easier to show, rather than tell, so here goes.

In this video, we start by creating a basic document. I think for most folks this is how documentation starts – getting some basic stuff down in an SOP. For a lot of people, I think this is also where documentation ends, with an incomplete SOP that nobody is ever really going to look at. So how do we get it from good to great? That’s where the business processes part of it comes into play.

In this example, “Alex Stewart” has created a new document, and the default flag is “Draft”. If Alex couldn’t finish the document, the default flag – Draft will still remain, so that Alex and other technicians know that this document still needs some polishing. However, in this case, Alex was able to finish the document so he changed the flag to “Needs Review”. This flag has an associated workflow, in this case a Slack alert. The person in charge of conducting the review now knows that the document has been created and needs review. Do you have a documentation guru who is fussy about naming conventions and SOP formatting?

When the document has been reviewed and published, another alert is triggered. Works the same in MS Teams, by the way, or via email.

Just by setting up a default flag and a couple of associated workflows, the documentation has now gone from good to great – just imagine if this SOP was missing a step instead of just needing a title change. That review process goes from valuable to absolute necessity. To learn more about the flags feature, check out the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

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