Feature Release: Password Folders Security

BY IT GLUE | June 04, 2020

You asked, now you shall receive. One of our more requested features has been enhanced password folder security and this is now live.

A while back, we added the ability for users to create password folders in both IT Glue and MyGlue and now we’ve added the ability to create permission settings for password folders so you can “set it and forget it”. Password Folder Security not only lets you easily organize passwords but also enables you to forget about permission settings.

There are a few scenarios where this makes a big difference.

IT Glue password management

With password folders, users no longer need to set password security permissions for each password saved. Since passwords saved within the folder inherit the folder security settings, you have one less thing to think about, and more brain space for other tasks. The additional control over the organization of, and access to passwords strengthens the password security of each user and a company as a whole because there are fewer potential gaps in password permissioning.

Password folders can be created for specific functions, roles, teams or individual people, which makes designing password security to match organizational structure sweet and simple.

MyGlue team-based and personal business password management 

The same benefit also applies to clients with MyGlue. Your clients can securely store and organize their passwords, especially important now when many are working remotely. Same as with password folders in IT Glue, clients with MyGlue can create password folders to share among their team members, and can also store personal business passwords as well.

Say, for instance, that a client’s Marketing Manager needed to share passwords amongst the department. They would create a marketing password folder that would have defined permissions that gives everyone in the department access to passwords saved in the folder. Any passwords from newly procured applications can be safely stored in this folder, and the Marketing Manager can rest assured that the password will only be accessible by the marketing team and not, for example, the finance team. In addition, the Marketing Manager can also safely store their own personal business passwords, and rest assured knowing only he/she will be able to access these passwords.

MyGlue Collaboration

Another popular use case for MyGlue is the ability to collaborate with your clients. As their service provider, you can easily create a password folder that both you and your client has access to. If any new passwords are added or there are any changes to existing passwords, you and your clients will both see the latest password. For example, if a client updates the Wi-Fi password or the door codes, you as their service provider will always have access to the most up-to-date passwords if you had to conduct emergency on-site troubleshooting.

For more information check out the the Knowledge Base article.

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