Feature Release: Checklist Notifications

BY IT GLUE | May 26, 2020

This update is simple yet sweet.

Checklists and productivity go hand-in-hand, and so having this feature within IT Glue provides an essential tool for boosting documentation productivity and establishing defined processes and workflows.

Checklists have been around for a while and have proven to be a valuable feature—enabling project management and collaboration internally. Service consistency is maintained no matter if teams are working in-office or remotely. Tasks are defined and assigned to specific individuals in your team with due dates for completion. Additionally, Checklist templates can be created, ensuring that operations are process driven. This saves time from being wasted as a result of having to rethink what needs to happen on the fly, or having to explain a process to another team member. Everything already exists within IT Glue Checklists.

With Checklist Notifications, team members immediately receive an email when they’ve been assigned a specific task. This increases the visibility of what needs to happen, and ensures things won’t fall through the cracks. Of course, notification settings can be defined on a per user basis.

Whether you’re using checklists for workstation deployments, client onboarding, or employee training sessions, Checklist Notifications ensure these, or any other process, can be launched immediately and tracked to completion. This ensures all of your clients experience the same level of service delivery regardless of which technician is facilitating the process. From the perspective of internal operations, Checklists bring organization to complex tasks that require the collaboration of multiple individuals.

For more information check out the Knowledge Base articles on Checklist Notifications, how to set up a Checklist Template, and Checklist Best Practices.

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