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BY IT GLUE | April 04, 2018

How much of your documentation have you automated? Not enough, right? Let’s face it – the more documentation you automate, the more time you save. The more time you save, the more money you save. Over the past year, we’ve first opened up our API, then added flexible assets to give you true documentation automation, and we’ve since continued to add to API endpoints that we’ve made available. There’s more to come in the next few weeks as well. It’s time to take a look at what some of our partners have done, and what resources are available to you help get started. Documentation automation is easier than you think.

Get creative

First, ask yourself: where do you see yourself wasting time searching for information? Could the time wasted be reduced if you had an integration with IT Glue? We’re here to tell you, it’s not that difficult, and once you’ve gotten started, you can build some really cool integrations that save you a lot of time.

Since our API is available for both flexible assets and many core assets as well, your options are nearly endless. Create a list of integrations that will make your processes smoother and faster, and then set a plan in place for how to build these. Ask yourself what the purpose of these integrations would be and how they would help you become more efficient.

What’s out there?

We’ve already seen some great and innovative tools being created using our API. Recently, a partner in Queensland, GCITS, built an integration with MS Office 365 allowing all of your Office 365 tenant information to be associated with the corresponding organization in IT Glue via the matching email domain.


IT Glue has also made several resources available for you to get started. For example, we built an integration with IT Glue and Microsoft Teams that uses webhooks to set up MS Teams notifications. In addition, we have a Powershell wrapper to help facilitate the development of integrations using IT Glue’s API. Our Scandinavian distributor Upstream added their own contribution that helps you automatically create Flexible Asset types. Visit our GitHub to pull more scripts that can help you automate. Together we can build, create, and share integrations that further the efficiency of different processes within the MSP community.

We also have an extremely useful Knowledge Base article for beginners that is sure to set you on the right track. You don’t have to be a professional developer to increase your level of automation, just an MSP with the desire to save more time. It’s easier than you think.

Currently an enterprise partner and already busy creating integrations? Click here to start sharing the scripts you’ve written with the IT Glue community. We’d love to see how our API has been benefiting you. Not an enterprise partner? Not a problem! Simply contact to discuss Documentation Automation further and how you can get started on creating stronger processes.

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