Are You on the Fence About IT Documentation?

BY IT GLUE | December 19, 2022

Smart IT documentation can streamline your business operations, increase productivity and benefit your teams in several ways by making all your critical information accessible to the right people at the right time. No more bottlenecks in your operations because of a lack of organized information. No more waiting for responses to move forward. Only efficient ways of solving problems and better managing your IT and other key information using a structured, centralized and automated system.

If you’re on the fence about IT documentation and wondering if it’s a priority to systematically document any, if not all of your critical information, then read on. We’ve curated a list of our top five resources that will help you make up your mind. Let’s dive right in.

1. The Ultimate IT Infrastructure Documentation Buyer’s Guide

As an IT professional, you’re expected to know a lot of information because it’s the only way you can efficiently manage your IT infrastructure. For instance, you’re expected to know what assets you’re managing, the users associated with those assets, where the assets are physically located, what applications are on the asset, etc.

How do you know all this? The easy answer is — with the help of smart documentation. After all, a good smart documentation solution can help you manage your assets, users, passwords, vendors and more. But you can only efficiently manage all these with the right documentation solution, culture and best practices.

We’ve put together The Ultimate IT Infrastructure Documentation Buyer’s Guide that will help you achieve faster ticket resolution, easily onboard new staff, focus on your core work and ensure business continuity.

Overcome all the common IT problems, including security issues, and document everything that can lift your team’s performance. The buyer’s guide even includes templates to structure and standardize your documentation and tips on fostering a documentation culture.

Get this insightful document to choose the right documentation solution, implement the right documentation culture and best practices and set your organization free from the hassles of information management. Document everything that’s critical for your teams and help your company achieve all its important objectives.

2. Take charge of your documentation like Visby Medical

Visby Medical is a molecular diagnostics company located in San Jose, California. Their IT needs were previously taken care of by an MSP, but they wanted to manage them on their own. With five team members and three locations to manage, their MSP recommended IT Glue. The decision was seconded by their Senior Engineer Devin Mehta, who was familiar with the tool. It was a “no-brainer.”

IT Glue helped Visby Medical automate many of its documentation processes. They were able to not only accurately view their infrastructure in real time, but also make use of integrations to better manage all their critical information for the future.

For the first time, Devin and his team witnessed and utilized the power of structured and automated documentation. They realized that documentation can be multi-faceted and comprehensive while being manageable from one place.

With IT Glue’s relational database, Visby Medical’s IT team was able to identify patterns that they couldn’t see before. They now had access to all sorts of information on their endpoints and infrastructure that helped them stay secure while improving operational efficiency and asset management.

Devin said that he only had scratched the surface of documentation with IT Glue before. Now, he was beginning to see that its potential, uses and benefits were virtually unlimited.

Discover how Visby Medical transitioned to a smart documentation solution to take charge of their documentation and asset management.

3. Creating order from chaos with IT documentation

Your company is probably investing a great deal in business development, but it’s important not to overlook documentation because it’s a solution that can save you time and resources and is just as critical for the growth of your business, especially when you have to manage a complex and large IT infrastructure that generates an increasing amount of data.

The information you need cannot just be somewhere or with someone. It needs to be in a definite place, in a well-defined format so that it can be easily retrieved and used to your advantage and achieve your business objectives.

If you’re not experiencing success with your documentation, there could be several reasons for that. You’re not documenting enough, or your documentation tool doesn’t work for you. It’s important to understand the reasons for your failure and fix it, instead of giving up on documentation, because smart documentation can help you better manage your users, assets, passwords, policies and procedures, and more.

It can help you achieve your business objectives. Find out how you can establish order in all the IT chaos with smart, structured, centralized and automated documentation.

4. The Future of IT Documentation eBook

Most people think of documentation simply as SOPs, how-tos and knowledge base but it’s no longer true. IT documentation is more than that. You can now document everything that’s critical for the success of your team and business and it will help you reduce operational inefficiencies, make knowledge sharing and compliance a breeze, improve IT management and increase cybersecurity.

The moment you adopt an expansive vision of what documentation is and can be, something amazing begins to happen — the value of your documentation begins to compound and you find more uses for it.

The future of documentation has no room for the problems of information sprawl. You’ll be able to effortlessly manage a growing number of passwords, assets, vendors and more with a simple, smart, structured and centralized solution.

Discover our vision for the Future of IT documentation and see how a smart and automated documentation solution can help your business structure and centralize the documentation of all your critical information. Ensure that your colleagues have access to the information they need when they need it so they can go about their jobs without getting stuck.

5. How to successfully implement a new documentation system

There’s no doubt that by implementing the right documentation practices, you set your business for success. Find out what features your documentation system must have and how you can create a framework that anybody can access and use to leverage smart documentation.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how you can successfully implement a new documentation system in three easy steps. We compare two different approaches to implementing a new system — a phased approach vs. an all-in-one approach. Find out which one is better for your company and how you can ensure minimal disruptions to your operations while transitioning toward a new documentation system.

This on-demand webinar will help you automate your documentation processes to drive productivity, efficiency and resourcefulness at work.

Make documentation a top priority in the new year

We often liken smart documentation to a Swiss Army knife because it offers so many different benefits. Once you implement the right solution that lets you structure, centralize and automate your documentation the benefits just compound over time. You reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and get more done with less.

Get all the benefits of smart documentation in the new year and easily achieve your business objectives. If you’re still on the fence, see if our year-end promos can convince you to start structuring your documentation with a smart and automated solution.

Webinar: Efficiency Unleashed: Leveraging Predictive AI to Streamline IT Documentation

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