Visby Medical is a molecular diagnostics company located in San Jose, California. Visby Medical’s IT needs have previously been served by an MSP, but they have since transitioned into their own IT team. Keep reading to learn how IT Glue helped Visby Medical during this transition and improved their asset management with real-time asset information, integrations, and the ability to relate assets to one another.

Company: Visby Medical
Location:  San Jose, CA
IT Glue Partner since: 2021

“ In IT Glue, you can literally find an asset just by searching someone’s name — that’s pretty powerful.”

The Challenge

Visby Medical’s IT team consists of five members, and they cater to all three of its locations across San Jose. They gained familiarity with IT Glue through the MSP that Visby Medical previously worked with.

However, as Visby Medical’s IT team grew, they wanted to be in control of their own IT documentation and clear separation from the MSP. Additionally, Devin Mehta, Visby’s senior engineer, already had experience with IT Glue from the time he worked for an MSP, so selecting it as their IT documentation solution was a no-brainer.

The MSP, where Devin previously worked, could not reap the maximum benefits of IT Glue since they did not incorporate automation.

Therefore, Visby Medical wanted to ensure IT Glue will be set up from the get-go with automation in mind, so that it would not only accurately reflect their infrastructure in real time but also be easy to manage in the long term.

The Solution

With integrations set up during the onboarding of IT Glue, and with the implementation of Network Glue, Devin quickly realized how powerful automated and structured documentation can be for an IT team.

“IT Glue is a multifaceted solution that integrates with multiple tools. Through IT Glue, our network is fully integrated with tools including VSA endpoint management, Jamf, Active Directory, Microsoft, Meraki and more,” said Devin. He added, “This enables us to have full visibility of all assets automatically in one single pane.”

Visby Medical was able to reap the full benefits of IT Glue by using relationships and integrations to streamline and automate IT documentation. Taking advantage of IT Glue as a relational database, Visby Medical can easily have shortcuts to everything that is related to each other like applications to vendors and configurations to contacts. In addition, it is possible to easily identify patterns in how things are linked. Visby Medical leverages various integrations such as Microsoft and Jamf for managed MacBooks, iPhones and iPads issued by the company. Visby also uses Meraki for network devices, on-prem AD users and security groups, all automatically documented and consolidated into IT Glue.

“In addition, with all of our devices being synced with VSA, our endpoint management solution, we can actively see who last logged in, the storage they have, the history of who had the asset and remote control into a device — all within IT Glue,” said Devin.

The Visby team also improved their offboarding process by being able to quickly identify all the assets of the departing employee and disconnect them right away. Similarly, their onboarding process is also more efficient now, since they can more easily add new contacts and manage user information.

The Results

“The benefits of IT Glue are unlimited. Even with my experience at my previous MSP, I was only scratching the surface. You can only fully reap IT Glue’s true potential with its in-depth asset relationships and integrations, together they made a huge difference,” stated Devin.

With IT Glue, Visby Medical experienced a smooth transition from being serviced by an MSP to having an internal IT team for asset management, and they can see real-time asset information.



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