Four Go-To-Market Strategies Every MSP Should Master

Competition is coming faster than ever, and often from unexpected sources. Businesses must look for alternative methods to gain a competitive advantage and avoid obsolescence. However, there is opportunity, even in a saturated industry.

In this session, Juan will discuss:

  • XaaS: What is it and why do I want it?
  • The Diet Plan: How are you explaining your offering?
  • The Cake: Are the layers of your offering good enough?
  • The Pitch: Simple, effective methods to deliver business outcomes.

You’ll learn the four-layer approach that highlights:

  • How to view your product portfolio in light of SMB and end-client needs; and
  • How to deliver better business outcomes.

Juan Fernandez, VP Managed IT Services, Imagenet

Juan has been invested in improving business outcomes via technology his whole career. He has been working in and developing the IT industry for over 26 years. With a technology, security and compliance vision for small business, government, education, healthcare and financial industries. Juan is one of select few to write the CompTIA A+, Network +, and Security + tests. Juan also sits on the CompTIA Subject Matter Expert Technical Advisory Board, and was the 2018 Continuum MSP Shark Tank winner for the best security and services presentation.

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