Webinar: Cyber Security Masterclass: Develop and Maintain your Cyber Security Offering

The signs that cybersecurity is no longer optional are all around us. Cybercriminals have realized that aiming attacks at MSPs is the most efficient way to target SMBs. In just a few years, the average cost of a ransomware payment has gone from $4,000 to $178,000 – amounts few businesses, including MSPs, can afford.

With MSPs being targeted, you have now become a risk to your clients. As an MSP, part of your responsibility to your clients is taking steps to safeguard their security, so you need to see yourself as a risk in order to act accordingly. This includes making sure you and your clients are protected financially to ensure long-term success. Because of this, cyber insurance claims are becoming a part of everyday life.

Join our two-part Cyber Security Masterclass with Leia Shilobod, CEO, InTech Solutions, Inc. for actionable guidance on how to develop your security processes, policies and tech stack to support your security and compliance efforts, and ensure your cyber insurance claims are not denied.

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Session 1: Developing Your Cyber Security Offering  

MSPs are no longer just a “computer fix-it shop” as there is too much liability. However, selling cybersecurity tools does not make you an MSSP. If you aren’t selling your clients the right cybersecurity tools and services, you’re doing them a disservice.

Join Leia Shilobod for part one of the Cybersecurity Masterclass as she provides an in-depth session on determining and defining the framework for your security offering.

Key takeaways include:

  • Building a cyber security stack that isn’t just focused on the endpoints

  • The 7 key layers of cyber security

  • Developing and implementing your IT security policies, plans and procedures

Session 2: Maintaining Your Cyber Security Offering 

MSPs know the importance of having reliable security offering to best serve their clients. However, because there are so many facets of IT security, no security stack ever seems to be complete. So, now that you’ve sold your clients the best-fit security stack, you need to understand how to maintain it.

Join Leia Shilobod for part two of the Cyber Security Masterclass as she provides an in-depth session on maintaining your security offering.

Key takeaways include:

  • Key steps needed to maintain your security stack

  • What are your biggest risks to secure and monitor

  • Policies and procedures that will ensure your and clients’ IT environments are secure

About Leia Shilobod: 

Leia Shilobod, CEO, InTech Solutions, Inc.

Leia founded InTech in 2006 and has grown the firm to be known for excellence in CMMC Compliance work at Levels 1-3. Leia works with IT decision makers to clearly communicate reliability, continuity and security outcomes and align them with business goals. In 2018 she published her second book, “Cyberwarfare: Protecting Your Business from Total Annihilation,” and just launched the CMMC IT Documentation Toolkit, a functional documentation package that helps firms to get and stay compliant with CMMC. She speaks frequently on CMMC, NIST 800-171, Cybersecurity, and growing your MSP. InTech Solutions is a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization.

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