Documentation Resources for MSPs & IT Teams

IT Glue is committed to your success. To help you get the most out of our documentation platform, we have a number of resources at your disposal. Our IT Glue Express video series provides advice on specific documentation topics, while our e-books and webinars tackle higher-level topics to help you improve efficiency and increase revenues.


Webinar Series: Documentation MythBusters

Although cloud computing and storage facilities have become more readily available, companies still struggle to manage their IT documents systematically. That's why we have created seven 30-minute webinars to help you debunk a few myths about IT documentation. These webinars will take place over the course of four months, and by the end of the series, you will be a documentation expert!


Webinar: A day in the Life of an IT Blackbelt Part 1: Checklist

Properly managed IT workflows are essential to any business and organization. However, having limited resources, poor management or lack of technology and automation can not only affect your overall productivity and efficiency but also stop you from reaching your business goals. If you are wondering how to ensure effective IT workflows, we got you covered. Join our session to learn how you can use checklists to boost your IT efficiency and productivity.


Webinar: The Key to a Streamlined and Successful M&A Process

Secure your seat for the April 4th panel discussion where Nadir Merchant (GM & CTO, IT Glue) will be joined by leaders of the first ever publicly traded MSP, Rick Jordan (Founder & CEO, ReachOut Technology) and Ryan Luering (Director of Operations, ReachOut Technology). Drawing from successful experience as an MSP rapidly growing with mergers and acquisitions, these industry experts are coming together to analyze the current M&A landscape in today’s IT industry and provide forward-thinking solutions on how to best prepare MSPs to buy or sell.


IT Glue, Designed by IT Professionals for IT Professionals – Infographic

IT professionals of this digital age require robust and structured tools that can make life easy for them. The same applies for documentation as well. Designed for IT professionals, IT Glue is a documentation solution that consolidates, standardizes and structures siloed information into a single pane of glass to decrease ticket resolution time. Download this infographic to get an idea of how IT Glue compares against unstructured documentation solutions like SharePoint, Confluence, etc.


Webinar: Is Your MSP Living Up to Its Potential?

When reflecting on your core skill set, would you classify yourself primarily as an “IT Professional” or a “Business Professional”?  Far too often, we invest in the latest and greatest technology but fail to see the profitability of the solutions we offer to our clients. Why? Customers are unable to see the value of the solutions pitched. Stand out in today’s challenging MSP environment by prioritizing collaboration with your clients and learning how to relay the value of your services with marketing tactics. Building trust with your customers will give you the competitive advantage you need to meet your business and sales goals.


Upcoming Webinar: Tech Needs of an MSP: Automation

Manual documentation can waste a lot of valuable time and lead to inefficient operations. Moreover, it also results in many human errors, which can undermine the validity of the documentation process. With automated documentation, you can overcome these issues and free up your resources to focus on other critical tasks. If you want to automate more but aren’t sure where to start, fret not! We’ve got you covered!


Webinar: Tech Needs of an MSP: Synergy

Technology has come a long way in automating various aspects of our lives such as bill payment, scheduled deliveries, and more. So, why are you still wasting time mapping out and documenting your network manually? With the IT industry getting more demanding each year, you cannot afford to be left behind. It is time to automate your network diagramming and documentation. Besides helping you gain better visibility into your network, you can do more with less and stand out in the IT crowd.


Upcoming Webinar: Beyond Backup – Prevent Downtime with Proper Asset Management

To prevent downtime, you can no longer just backup your hardware and software, you need to understand the complete picture of your IT environment and protect your knowledge as well. And that starts with having all of your IT assets, passwords, and knowledge in one place. This frees up your time and space so you can focus on resolving issues, rather than playing catch-up. 


Webinar: Manual Documentation is so last year!

Technology has come a long way in automating various aspects of our lives such as bill payment, scheduled deliveries and more. So, why are you still wasting time manually mapping out and documenting your network? With the IT industry getting more and more demanding, you cannot afford to be left behind. It is time to automate your network diagramming and documentation. Besides helping you gain better visibility into your network, you can do more with less and stand out in the IT crowd.


Webinar: The Big Clean Up: Polished Team

Welcome to the third and final part of The Big Clean-Up Series — Polished Team. We have decluttered, sanitised and dusted away the nuances of documentation within your organisation. The prep work is complete. However, it's all too easy to revert to old ways of doing things without team buy-in.


Webinar: The Big Clean Up: Operation Dust Off

It’s time for Operation Dust Off! Implementing a fully-fledged documentation overhaul can seem daunting and can easily be pushed under the carpet. But, can you afford to increase your lead times of daily tasks due to time waste? Continue your journey with the experts of the Big Clean Up to discover how you can minimize the assumed disruption. Sweep up that dust, say goodbye to procrastination and welcome in the fresh breeze with IT Glue where we will show you a live demo on how you can build your competitive advantage with IT documentation maturity!


Webinar: Co-Managed IT is the New Black: Pricing and Positioning Services so SMBs say YES

How are MSPs now able to position and sell co-managed IT services, when they were unsuccessful in the past? The answer may not surprise you and it has to do with COVID-19. The pandemic caught many internal IT departments unprepared to deal with the sudden need to support remote workforces, opening the door to well-prepared managed services providers. But exactly how are successful MSPs selling them? Join MSP expert Erick Simpson as he reveals the techniques that are winning more recurring revenue co-managed IT agreements than ever before.


Onboarding Roadmap

Incorporating a new documentation system in your organization requires careful consideration of various things. While this may seem overwhelming at first, you can manage this by following the proper guidelines. You need to gather some insights on how to get oriented with the new documentation system and how it will affect the efficiency of your organization. Check out this infographic to understand the onboarding process and how much ROI you can generate with the right documentation system.