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It’s not easy accounting for all the hardware assets in an organization, much less keeping track of the updates, maintenance and future deprecation of these same assets. The task actually gets much more complex when you realize that “assets” aren’t just computers and servers. Broadly speaking, everything that IT needs to know should be viewed as an asset.

That means knowledge, passwords, user information, and software assets, in addition to the more traditional view of IT assets consisting mostly of hardware.

When you think about best practices for IT asset management, an important filter to use is to think about the objectives that IT has where asset management is concerned. Your best practices will be guided by the specific outcomes you’re looking to bring about.

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June 24, 2024

Introducing Intelligent and Complete Backup Documentation in IT Glue

IT Glue now features intelligent and complete backup documentation, enabling IT pros to easily manage all their backups. Read the blog to learn more.

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June 21, 2024

Introducing Device Lifecycle Management in myITprocess

In the dynamic world of IT management, it is crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) to keep track of their clients’ hardware warranties. By efficiently overseeing each device stage — from acquisition to disposal — MSPs can improve the device performance, manage costs and strengthen their clients’ security. This consistent and proactive support also translates […]

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June 20, 2024

Setting the Record Straight on Five Key AI Myths

Sponsored By: IT Glue Guest IDC Blogger: Matt Arcaro As we approach the halfway point of 2024, IDC continues to see the increasing role of AI in both our personal and work technology personas. In many instances, AI will merely remain a technology enabler powering a capability or feature. More importantly, in others, AI will […]

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June 12, 2024

Transforming IT Documentation With IT Glue Copilot

Welcome to the era of IT Glue Copilot, a revolutionary AI engine poised to transform how IT teams handle documentation. This blog post dives deep into IT Glue Copilot, showcasing how it eliminates manual processes, enhances accuracy and boosts efficiency. Through specific use cases and real-world applications, we’ll demonstrate the tangible benefits of this innovative […]

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