CTO Summit: IT Industry Trends & Predictions — Webinar

CTO Summit

Join our panel of leading CTOs and get exclusive access to the industry’s top tech influencers and leaders. This is your opportunity to hear first hand how this group of highly regarded experts see our industry evolving after the turbulent start to 2020.

The session will be a lively discussion with an open Q&A. Our panel will discuss:

  • Where are we, as an industry, now?
  • What do clients really want right now?
  • Finger on the pulse – prediction time!


  • Monique Morrow – CTO, Cisco
    In 2012, Monique became the first CTO Consulting Engineer of Services in Cisco, streamlining the company’s vision, architecture and technology. Changing the face of industry, Monique is an expert in helping engineers and business leaders to understand how existing and future technologies align with the requirements of their businesses.
  • Toby Stephenson – CTO, Neuways
    Toby has been with the Neustro Group since 2007 and is passionate about technology’s ability to elicit positive change both within business and beyond. Toby has a particular interest in cybersecurity and business continuity and how pivotal these are to the success of a business.
  • Nadir Merchant – GM & CTO, IT Glue
    Nadir Merchant applies a unique set of talents as IT Glue’s General Manager & CTO, where he leads the product vision into reality. His history of technical leadership roles complements his enduring passion and keen eye for great customer experiences. Nadir joined IT Glue in 2016, initially as an engineering leader, and since that time his role has steadily expanded to also include all aspects of product conception, management, delivery, and evangelism.
  • Matt Lee, Chief Technical Lead, Iconic IT
    Passionate, innovation evangelist, and full stack magician. Matt provides overall leadership and strategic direction for information technology environments throughout Iconic IT and on behalf of its numerous customers and partners.

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