2020 Channel Predictions - Role of IT Documentation in 2020 & Beyond Whitepaper


Predicting what the future holds—particularly for IT—is a delicate combination of science, art, and luck. That said, when reflecting on events that transpired over the past year, there are clear trends and pivotal moments that give us some notable foresight.

This is as close as we can get to giving you a crystal ball. Here’s our take on how some of the industries’ hottest trends are going to progress into 2020 and beyond, and what this means for you and your MSP.

Download our 2020 Channel Predictions -Role of IT Documentation in 2020 & Beyond Whitepaper where we discuss how the growing focus on security is going to reshape the MSP landscape.

Read the whitepaper to find out:

  • Why self-serve teams are on the rise and how good documentation enhances workforce productivity
  • How outsourcing is going to be a key factor in MSP growth and why a documentation platform makes it work
  • How IT Glue supports and enables these initiatives

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