Your users waste valuable time when they have to wait until business hours to initiate a support call or get a response to an email-generated ticket. This often leads to inefficient service delivery, unhappy customers and lower employee engagement. It is not that difficult to overcome this issue. Want to find out how?

Watch Mark Alayev, CEO of Chatgenie, and Michelle Oo, Product Manager of BMS, to learn about workflow automation and the emerging strategy Conversational Service Delivery—including built-for-ITSM chatbots alongside live support agents—and how MSPs need to adapt them to improve support outcomes, reduce response time and create efficiencies that will differentiate your services.

Key learnings include:

  • The key tools you need to run your business more efficiently at a fraction of the current cost
  • How to improve support outcomes and reduce response time through workflow automation
  • How cutting down on time waste and information silos in your business improves service delivery

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