Road to Documentation Maturity: Client Onboarding 

Documentation maturity reflects how your MSP approaches documentation and how you use it in your business. Why does it matter? Well, MSPs with a high level of documentation maturity are more likely to see revenue growth, onboard new techs faster, scale effectively and maximize the efficiency of their non-technical teams.  

Most MSPs think their “courting period” is over once they finalize a sale and sign a client contract. But, any MSP worth their salt knows that this is not the case. The real magic happens during the Client Onboarding process.   

This the premise of the first session of the series. Allen will shed light on how to make your clients experience “Wow!” right from day one.  

The series will feature three sessions:  

  • Client Onboarding: Essential Steps for Happy Client – Fill in form to watch 

  • Documenting Your Documentation – Thursday, May 20   

  • Client Asset Documentation – Tuesday, June 22  

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